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Ranks in Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 has 30 ranks, 7 fewer than Tekken 7. The rank progression bar displays the total accumulated points of a character's rank, multiple upcoming ranks, and the current rank of registered friends.

It is not possible to be demoted prior to reaching Warrior rank, as the player does not lose points below the yellow ranks.

Similar to Tekken 7, ranks are based on which character the player is playing, but reaching a new best rank for the first time will increase the rank of every other character.

Tekken 8 Ranks[]

Dan No. Rank Japanese Color/Division Points
0 Beginner 入門生 nyūmonsei Brown 0
1 1st Dan 初段 shodan Silver 400
2 2nd Dan 二段 nidan Silver 1,000
3 Fighter 勇士 yūshi Turquoise 1,600
4 Strategist 策士 sakushi Turquoise 2,600
5 Combatant 闘士 tōshi Turquoise 3,400
6 Brawler 餓狼 garō Green 4,200
7 Ranger 荒鷲 arawashi Green 5,400
8 Cavalry 猛象 mōzō Green 6,400
9 Warrior 剛拳 kōken Yellow 7,400
10 Assailant 邪拳 jaken Yellow 9,200
11 Dominator 戒拳 kaiken Yellow 10,800
12 Vanquisher 修羅 shura Orange 12,400
13 Destroyer 羅刹 rasetsu Orange 14,700
14 Eliminator 羅傑 raketsu Orange 16,600
15 Garyu 臥龍 garyū Red 18,500
16 Shinryu 真龍 shinryū Red 23,100
17 Tenryu 天龍 tenryū Red 27,300
18 Mighty Ruler 拳帝 kentei Ruler 31,500
19 Flame Ruler 炎帝 entei Ruler 36,500
20 Battle Ruler 戦帝 sentei Ruler 41,100
21 Fujin 風神 fūjin Blue 45,700
22 Raijin 雷神 raijin Blue 52,300
23 Kishin 鬼神 kishin Blue 58,500
24 Bushin 武神 bushin Blue 64,700
25 Tekken King 鉄拳王 tekkenō Gold (Violet) 70,900
26 Tekken Emperor 鉄拳覇皇 tekkenhaō Gold (Violet) 79,100
27 Tekken God 鉄拳神 tekkenshin Gold 87,900
28 Tekken God Supreme 鉄拳神極 tekkenshingoku Gold 97,300
100 God of Destruction 破壊神 hakaishin - 109,700



  • The Dragon Ranks are literally translated as: Sleeping Dragon (Garyū), True Dragon (Shinryū) and Heavenly Dragon (Tenryū)
    • Sleeping Dragon is a nickname often associated with the Chinese statesman Zhuge Liang.
  • This is the first time where Kishin and Bushin are localized the same way outside of Japan. Prior to Tekken 8, the ranks were respectively localized as "Yaksa" and "Lord of War"/"Asura" respectively.
  • The Blue Ranks are literally translated as: Wind God (Fūjin), Thunder God (Raijin), Demon God (Kishin) and God of War (Bushin).
    • "Kishin" in East Asian mythology are commonly called "Fierce Deities" or "Wrathful Deities" -- a being whose main purpose is to destroy evil. Sometimes, "Kishin" are alter egos that peaceful gods assume when consumed by rage or revenge.

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