Tekken Ball character select screen in Tekken 3.

Tekken Ball is a minigame featured in Tekken 3 and returning in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U edition. The aim of the minigame is to deplete your opponent's health bar, either by landing the ball on the ground of your opponent's half of the arena or striking the opponent with the ball. A ball can be 'charged' to deal more damage, with the strength of charge increasing with each strike of the ball. The higher the charge of the ball, the faster it moves and the more damage it deals until, at full charge, the ball catches fire and burns the player it hits to deal a large amount of damage. The strength of charge on the ball is displayed in a meter at the bottom of the screen. Damage dealt also depends on the ball used - There are three types of ball to choose from, with each dealing varying amounts of damage to the opponent.


  • Beach Ball, which does 60% worth of damage of the attack used.
  • Gum Ball, which does 80% worth of damage of the attack used.
  • Iron Ball, which delivers full damage.


  • In Tekken 3, the guest character Gon can be unlocked by defeating him in this minigame.