Developer: Namco
Publisher: Bandai
Producer: Katsuhiro Harada
Platform: Wonderswan
Release date: June 17, 1999 (Japan)
Genre: Turn-based fighting
Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

Tekken Card Challenge is a turn-based fighting game released only in Japan for the WonderSwan. It uses the characters from Tekken 3 plus an exclusive character to the game named Crow.


Tekken Card Challenge utilizes a system similar to Nintendo's Pokémon games. Two opponents are to fight at a time, with various cards for different maneuvers and a 100 point HP total for damage accumulation. The player begins with a hand of four cards, drawing more as the duel proceeds.

The battle system is similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! in that the three types of cards perform in a rock, paper, and scissors pattern. Attack cards are played against each other to compare values with the loser being discarded and deducting HP, an attack card played against a defense nullifies each other, and two block cards cancel each other out. There is also a minor system of air juggling, which can be quite damaging given the correct order of cards.

Tekken Card Challenge also provides the player with a variety of game modes. There is a link mode present, 1-player battle, 2-player battle and Adventure, which allows the player to unlock more characters and duel opponents. In adventure mode, the player is given movement of a character sprite in a full environment taken place on a 15 x 15 square grid to traverse. The point of each stage is to defeat each "duelist" given limited number of steps and gain entrance to the exit.


Initial characters
Eddy Gordo
Heihachi Mishima
King II
Nina Williams
Unlockable characters
Anna Williams
Bryan Fury
Forest Law
Gun Jack
Jin Kazama
Julia Chang
Kuma II
Lei Wulong
Ling Xiaoyu
Ogre (sub-boss)
Paul Phoenix
True Ogre (final boss)

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