Tekken Force is a minigame first introduced in Tekken 3 and later reappeared in Tekken 4. The player selects a character and goes through stages fighting Tekken Force members. The stages end with a boss being one of the fighters in the game's roster. The minigame was later expanded upon with Devil Within in Tekken 5 and Scenario Campaign in Tekken 6.

Tekken 3

The player controls their chosen character through a side scrolling mini-game, fighting against the Tekken Force through four stages. At the end of each stage is a boss character from the playable roster. The boss the player fights against in each stage depends on which character the player chose, with the exception of the fourth stage where the boss is Heihachi Mishima. If the player chooses Mokujin however, every boss including the fourth stage boss will be Mokujin.

The first time the player beats Tekken Force, they will be given a key, and the next two successful completions add two more keys, up to three. When Tekken Force is beaten a fourth time with yet another new character, Doctor Bosconovitch can be fought as a secret boss. If beaten, he is then unlocked as a playable character.

Tekken 4

Military Installation

This stage is a laboratory with big steel doors and computers. The boss of this stage is Combot.

Temple Ruins

This stage is in the jungle that is surrounded by ruins of an ancient temple. The boss of this stage is Kuma or Panda.


This stage is a long and very dark path that seems to be inside of some kind of temple, because there are big pillars everywhere. After a long journey, the player reaches stairs and a door. When the player goes through the door, he/she faces Kazuya Mishima as well as some of his bodygaurds.

Mishima Fortress

This stage is inside a building that looks like Hon-Maru, much like the stage from Tekken 3 with the same name. The walls in this stage are very easy to break and there are Tekken Force fighters meditating in many rooms. Player also goes to outside where the player faces some of the deadliest Tekken Force ninjas. The player goes to a different building from the outside and finally reaches a room, where the player faces Heihachi Mishima, like in Tekken 3.