Pachislot tekken 3rd slot

Tekken Pachislot 3rd slot machine

Tekken Pachislot is a slot machine game developed by Namco Bandai Games and Yamasa. It was first released in 2004 and three further versions of it have since been released. It is only available in Japan. A number of pachislot endings were made available in the Tekken 7 gallery.

Many of the pachislot movies are interactive, with differing endings depending on the players success at the game - a failure will show the main character losing in some capacity, whilst a win will progress the story to the next scene.


A pachinko machine is a mix between a slot machine and a pinball machine and it is very popular in Japan. The word pachinko comes from the onomatopoeia "Pachi-Pachi" which is the sound objects make when colliding with each other.


The pachislot (pronounced Pachisuro パ チ ス ロ in Japanese) is a slot machine whose name comes from "pachinko" and "slot machine". It is a descendant of Pachinko, a Western machine. It is very popular in Japan and pachislot machines generate a lot of revenue, placing it in third place in the leisure economy.

The pachislot game starts by chips being placed. The player then scrolls through several reels with symbols on them, each independently controlled. The player must press a button under each roller to stop scrolling. Based on the results obtained, the player can then earn tokens, which can be exchanged for prizes.

Through this game, it is possible to attend original cinematic scenes related to the Tekken universe. If the player can not align the requested symbols, it will also be possible to observe a scene that will end in a negative way. There are also unpublished CGs of the characters in the game.

Tekken Pachislot

Tekken pachislot logo

Tekken Pachislot (パ チ ス ロ 鉄 拳) was the first game released in 2004 in Japan. Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu and King II are the three characters that can be selected to play. There are various modes such as Multi-Roulette, Battle, Heihachi slot, Tekken Bowl, Tekken Chance and Tekken RUSH. Through these different game modes, characters can battle enemies such as Devil and Unknown.

The character models used in the game for cinematic come from the first Tekken Tag Tournament. Therefore it is possible to find stage decorations from the same game.

Tekken Pachislot 2nd

Tekken pachislot 2nd logo

Tekken Pachislot 2nd (パ チ ス ロ 鉄 拳 拳 2nd) is the second game released in Japan in May 2013. Lars Alexandersson, Asuka Kazama and King are the playable characters. The modes present in the first pachislot are available again. The character models in this game use cinematics from Tekken 6. So, there are stages like Urban War Zone, Fallen Colony or Gargoyle's Perch also featured in the game.

All characters in the game have Japanese dub voices.

Tekken Pachislot 3rd

Tekken pachislot 3rd logo

Tekken Pachislot 3rd (パ チ ス ロ 鉄 鉄 拳 拳 3rd) was the third game released in Japan in September 2014. In this game, the characters are in a team, like Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which the game cinematics come from. The playable teams are Jin Kazama and Nina Williams, Ling Xiaoyu and Alisa Bosconovitch, as well as King II and Jaycee. We find the usual modes present in previous Tekken Pachislots like Tekken Chance and Tekken RUSH mode. New modes appear such as God Tekken RUSH. The mode features the appearance of Angel, Head-Butting Combo where Heihachi Mishima shatters his head against the screen. Also new modes like Tekken Attack, Ogre Challenge, Unknown Zone and Devil Battle have been added.

Since the models of the characters come from TTT2, stages like Moonlit Wilderness, Winter Palace and Arena are in the game. Some characters available for free DLC on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 also make an appearance. Characters such as Angel, Kunimitsu and Miharu Hirano. However, Angel was removed from the game in March 2016.

Tekken Pachislot 4

Tekken pachislot 4

Tekken Pachislot 4 (パ チ ス ロ 鉄 鉄 拳 拳 4) is the fourth slot game released in Japan in July 2019. The character models are based on Tekken 7. In this game, as well as many mini-games from previous pachislot games, two storylines are playable, one focusing on Claudio Serafino and Ling Xiaoyu (Sirius Side),[1] and the other following Lars and Alisa (Yggdrasil Side).[2]

All characters in the cinematics speak in Japanese including those who only speak in their native language in Tekken 7. Whilst the Sirius story picks up right after the end of Claudio and Xiaoyu's Tekken 7 endings, the Yggdrasil story occurs during the events of Tekken 7, as Heihachi is the head of the Zaibatsu.

Events of Sirius

Claudio & Xiaoyu Story Unreleased Cutscenes (Eng Sub)

Claudio & Xiaoyu Story Unreleased Cutscenes (Eng Sub)

Pachislot 4 Video prefaced by Xiaoyu's Tekken 7 ending

Xiaoyu and Claudio walk in Duomo di Sirio, and at some point, Claudio exorcises someone using his Rage Art. A purple skull hovers above the person being exorcised, the player being shown that Claudio drove the evil spirit out. Eliza also makes an appearance, preying on victims in the city and Claudio and Xiaoyu have a confrontation with her in which Claudio again uses his rage art, presumably to banish her as an evil being. The story properly picks up when we see Claudio walking in a library. He opens a book that shows silhouettes of devil-like figures resembling Kazuya and Jin's devil forms with a laser shooting out of the forehead of one. A voice over of Claudio says: "When the Devil descends to the land, it will bring destruction to the world."

Claudio and Xiaoyu travel to Jungle Outpost, where they find the entrance to a ancient ruins resembling the Ancient Ruins.[3] Panda charges into blocked up ruins and opens the way for them. Claudio and Xiaoyu enter the ruins, which are lit by torchlight. They come across Devil Jin who releases a laser towards the roof. Xiaoyu calls out to him but he does not recognize them. Xiaoyu goes to Jin and holds his face, begging him to snap out of it but Jin knocks her back. Claudio then attacks Jin, and succeeds in getting a few hits in before Jin disappears. Claudio and Xiaoyu look around in confusion. Xiaoyu warns Claudio as Devil Jin swoops down to attack them. Claudio dodges Jin and is able to land a hit on him, he thanks Xiaoyu for the warning. Claudio and Jin clash again, but this time Claudio uses his Sirius Purification Sorcery to conjure a bow, and draws it to shoot Jin with an arrow of light. The arrow hits Jin and he collapses to the floor. Claudio says "May the light of Sirius extinguish the shadows!"

An alternative ending occurs in which Claudio is knocked out and Xiaoyu runs to his side, then turns angrily to Devil Jin. She attacks him with a kick. Instead of striking her back, Jin has a flashback of different images of Xiaoyu smiling. He seems to remember her, because his claws pause and do not hit her.[4]

Events of Yggdrasil

Lars and Alisa are wandering the Souq. They are in radio contact with Lee Chaolan and Olivia, and are looking for evidence of suspicious persons and Mishima Zaibatsu activity in the area. During this time, Alisa looks at various wares for sale and there can be a chase with Lars and a thief. Lars speaks to various informants in the area, who can tell him either to be careful of Bryan Fury, that Tekken Force soldiers have occupied a town, that a location is being used as a base for Zaibatsu operations, or that Nina is involved in a trap. Lars receives information from Lee that the Mishima Zaibatsu are on the move, and Lars tells him to use force to stop them, Lee expresses his reluctance to get involved in anything rough. Olivia radios Lars to inform him that the Zaibatsu have started a battle in Manhattan. He tells her to go to the location and survey it.

The next part of the story takes place in Twilight Conflict. Lars and Alisa find the place to be sight of a ruined battlefield. They come across a cracked helmet belonging to a G-Corp guard and an unfired gun, suggesting that the Zaibatsu easily won the conflict there. They can be warned by Olivia that a G-Corp helicopter is inbound, and Lars and Alisa have to fend it off, with Alisa attacks it similar to her moves in Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign mode. Lars and Alisa later navigate passed the Zaibatsu's Tekken Force who are patrolling this area, they are spotted and have to engage them, though they can hear that Tekken Force are being pressured by G-Corp forces elsewhere. Olivia radios Lars to tell him that Heihachi Mishima has appeared in the Mishima Building.

Ygg raid plan

Lars planning his assault on the Mishima Building

The next scene is a calm city at night. Lee joins the duo for all subsequent scenes. Lee informs them to be wary of the Zaibatsu's tactics. Lee asks Lars how he feels about breaking into the Mishima Zaibatsu building where he used to work and Lars tells him it means nothing to him now. Alisa asks Lars whether this will all be over soon, and Lars replies yes but they first have to stop this war. Lee also tells Lars he's glad Lars has his back, and Lars replies that he's counting on him. Olivia radios in to say the time has come, and thanks them all for what they've done.

Lars and his Yggdrasil Force storm the Zaibatsu, driving an armored car through the blockade of Tekken Force soldiers in front of the Mishima Building. As Lars gets out the vehicle he looks up at the Mishima Zaibatsu and announces that he is coming for Heihachi. Lars, Alisa, and Lee fight through Tekken Force soldiers guarding the Zaibatsu until they are able to get to an elevator. At the top of the elevator, they fight Nina.[5] Lee can interrupt this fight to throw a rose that distracts Nina. The scene ends when Lars defeats Nina and demands to know where Heihachi is.[6]

At a random point within the story, it is possible for the screen to go black and to cut to Heihachi. He is sitting in his black gi meditating at Dragon's Nest. Tekken Force guards approach him and tell him they are ready.[7]

There can also be a cutscene of Bryan causing havoc during the battle at Twilight Conflict.

Tekken CR

Pachinko tekken cr

Tekken CR is a pachinko machine game released in January 2014. The goal is to move a ball by operating the joystick and then the player has to juggle the shooting speed to get the ball into holes. This will activate a system similar to slot machines. If three symbols are identical, a certain number of marbles can be won according to points earned based on the presented symbols.

Just like Pachinslot, the game features cinematic scenes related to the Tekken universe and a number of unpublished CGs of the characters. If the player aligns the symbols incorrectly, a negative scene will appear. For an example, Jin cannot rescue Asuka in time.

Pachislot/Pachinko Gallery


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