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Tekken Revolution (鉄拳レボリューション Tekken Reboryūshon?, lit. Iron Fist Revolution) was a free-to-play downloadable fighting game on the PlayStation Network, exclusively released for PlayStation 3 in June 2013. It has been praised for bringing back the arcade experience to the console. It also features many similar aspects with role-playing games and social games. Bandai Namco revealed that it and its downloadable content would be removed from the PlayStation Store on January 21st, 2017. The game officially ceased operations on March 20th, 2017.


Returning characters

Alisa (unlockable)
Armor King (unlockable and update)
Asuka Kazama
Bob (unlockable and update)
Bryan Fury (unlockable)
Christie Monteiro (unlockable and update)
Devil Jin (unlockable and update)
Dragunov (unlockable and update)
Feng Wei (unlockable and update)
Heihachi Mishima (unplayable boss)
Hwoarang (unlockable and update)
Jaycee (unlockable and update)
Jin Kazama(unlockable and update)
Jinpachi Mishima (unplayable boss)
Jun Kazama (unlockable and update)
Kazuya Mishima/Devil Kazuya (in-battle transformation for Kazuya)
Kuma (unlockable and update)
Kunimitsu (unlockable and update)
Lee Chaolan (unlockable and update)
Leo (unlockable)
Ling Xiaoyu (unlockable and update)
Marshall Law
Miguel (unlockable and update)
Mokujin (update and unplayable boss)
Nina Williams (unlockable and update)
Paul Phoenix
Steve Fox (unlockable)
Tetsujin (update and unplayable boss)
True Ogre/Golden Form (unplayable boss)

New characters

Eliza (unlockable and update)
Kinjin (update and unplayable boss)

Unlockable Characters

Character Condition to unlock
Armor King
Bryan Fury
Christie Monteiro
Devil Jin
Feng Wei
Jin Kazama
Jun Kazama
Ling Xiaoyu
Nina Williams
Steve Fox
Activation is random. You get a certain number of gift points for each character or you buy the respective character.

Number of Gift Points needed;

  • 1,000 points
  • 7,000 points
  • 30,000 points
  • 60,000 points
  • 120,000 points
  • 150,000 points
  • 180,000 points
  • 210,000 points
  • 240,000 points
  • 280,000 points
  • 330,000 points
  • 390,000 points
  • 460,000 points
  • 540,000 points
  • 630,000 points
  • 730,000 points
  • 840,000 points
  • 960,000 points
  • 1,090,000 points
Eliza Collect a total of 20,000 Blood Seals.


The Bound system introduced in Tekken 6 has been removed and as a consequence, combos utilizing that mechanic have become obsolete. However, the ability to temporarily stagger the opponent still remains but has been limited to certain strings landing when not already in a combo state, or from floor breaks.

The Rage system from Tekken 6 has returned, gaining increased damage when the player's health gauge is low.

Two new gameplay mechanics have been introduced. These are Critical Arts and Special Arts. Critical Arts are essentially moves that have a chance of dealing extra damage (critical hit). Special Arts are that moves have been given a small window of invincibility and increased hitbox relative to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. These new gameplay mechanics are easily noticeable by a visual effect added to the move animation and, in the case of Special Arts, using the vocal grunt of their strongest attack (usually an unblockable move or signature move). Each character has 4 Critical Arts and 1 Special Art.

Character Enhancement

Tekken Revolution is the first in the series to include a micromanagement type system akin to that of a role-playing game. This new gameplay mechanic consists of allocating Skill Points to either one of three stats; Power, Endurance or Vigor:

  • Power/Strength - Increases the amount of base damage inflicted
  • Endurance/Toughness - Increases the health gauge
  • Vigor/Spirit - Increases the critical hit chance and chance of entering rage mode.

This mechanic provides a major added play incentive but tends to unbalance matches by favoring players who have grinded out their character's stats their most, regardless of their skill.

In addition to this, Reset Drinks are available to reset any character's stats back to zero. Any fight'''' money spent on points are refunded.  The first reset is free and additional reset drinks are purchasable via the PlayStation Store. One Reset drinks will cost 5 pounds (6.52 USD).


The following are gameplay modes currently available:

  • Arcade Mode (Normal, Hard, Very Hard)
  • Online VS (Ranked Match or Player Match)
  • Warm-up Space (Practice Mode)
  • Mokujin Rush (Normal or Turbo)

Arcade Mode in Tekken Revolution is very similar to that of previous titles. There are 8 total stages with 2 rounds each. The 8th stage being a Boss fight and 7th stage being a sub-boss fight. The player is awarded fight money and gift points upon winning the stages. 

There are 3 difficultly settings:                                                 

  • Normal - Opponents have minimal stat boosts
  • Hard - Opponents have light stat boosts (Rewards are multiplied by 1.5)
  • Very Hard - Opponents have moderate stat boosts (Rewards are doubled)

There is also a special feature in Arcade mode. The higher the difficulty selected, the higher the chance of facing a secret sub-boss in the 7th round. These secret sub-bosses give extra rewards if defeated.

Online VS -  The Online mode in Tekken Revolution is very similar to Tekken Tag Tournament 2; with the exception of being able to enable/disable Character Enhancement.

  • Ranked Match - Matches count towards rank.
  • Player Match - Rank is not affected. Search Session and Create Session can be selected.
  • Premium Session - Play against other players in Player Match without coin consumption for 60 minutes.

Warm-up Space - Practice indefinitely without coin consumption. (Wall-Off or Wall) stages may be selected. Command Lists are available with command display. Only freestyle mode is available and the training dummy is Mokujin.

Mokujin Rush - A limited time event mode and brand new to the Tekken series. Consumes 1 Mokujin Ticket. Players may also expend their Premium tickets/coins to enter this mode. Fight constantly spawning Mokujins (Mokujin, Tetsujin, Kinjin). There are 8 stages in total with 2 rounds each. In the 7th stage, Tetsujin is always fought and in the 8th stage, Kinjin is guaranteed to spawn. Rewards increase with consecutive victories. After the version 1.03 update, the number of matches has been reduced to 3.

Turbo Battle

In celebration of the version 1.03 update, a Mokujin Festival event was held introducing a new gameplay mechanic. A turbo mode, similar to that of the Street Fighter series, was added. Essentially, gameplay speed has been increased dramatically. However, this was only limited to the Mokujin Rush mode. It occurs randomly whenever a player enters the Mokujin Rush mode.

Levels and Ranks

Players also have a level associated with their account. The higher their level, the more points they can allocate to their characters. The player starts off with 4 Skill Points and is awarded 4 Skill Points per level for each character. For example, a level 10 player will have 40 total skill points and may allocate up to 40 skill points to each character. However, there is another mechanic called Fight Money that limits how many skill points a player can allocate at a time. Each skill point costs a certain amount of G(Gold) and the cost gradually increases with each stat point.  Players can increase their level by gaining experience points in either Arcade or Online Battle. The current level cap is 80.

The Ranking system in Tekken Revolution is a modified version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2's. The current rank cap is Tekken God (32nd Dan).

See Tekken Tag Tournament 2/Ranking List.


Tekken Revolution sets itself apart from many of the other console releases in the series with the implementation of microtransactions that affect duration of play time:

Coin Name Description
Snap 2013-12-16 at 07.30.22.png Arcade Coin Allows one playthrough of Arcade Mode and will regenerate every hour. The player can hold up to 2 of these at any given time.
Snap 2013-12-16 at 07.29.47.png Battle Coin Allows one match in Online Battle (either Ranked Match or Player Match). These will regenerate every half-hour and up to 5 may be held at any given time.
Snap 2013-12-16 at 07.30.12.png Premium Coin Purchasable with real money and functions as a Premium Ticket.
Snap 2013-12-16 at 07.29.59.png Premium Ticket Functions as either one of the above with the exception of being awarded when certain conditions are met. When consumed, these will continue to regenerate in Online Battle as long as the player does not lose. This gives an advantage to more experienced players.
Mokujin Ticket Allows one playthrough of Mokujin Rush. Can be acquired through Online VS regardless of win or lose.

Coin Priority - By default, free coins are given priority. However, after the version 1.02 update, the player can select between free coin or premium coins/tickets by pressing R1 at the main menu.

Daily Bonus (Attendance System)

Like many online social games, there is a reward for consecutively logging in daily.  With each day logged in, the player is awarded with gift points, fight money, and premium tickets. The amount of reward varies with how many consecutive days logged in. As of the update to version 1.03, an additional daily bonus is given for using premium coins/tickets.

Unlocking Characters

Characters are unlocked by via Gift Points. Gift Points are awarded by playing in Online VS (regardless of victory), Arcade and login bonuses. When a player accumulates enough gift points, a random character is unlocked. All characters can be unlocked via this method with the exception of Eliza.

Time-release Characters - Characters are released slowly into the roster via version updates. This is reminiscent of the arcade releases and was implemented so that new players won't be overwhelmed by the huge roster that Tekken carries.

Character Unlock Pass - Purchasing a character unlock pass will unlock a specific character regardless of gift point requirements.

PlayStation Store

Quick access to the PlayStation Store is available via the main menu screen.

The following are purchasable items via the PlayStation Store:

  • Premium Coins (5, 10, 30) - Can carry 999 Premium Coins at a time. Transactions after 999 cannot be completed.
  • Costumes - Purchased in sets. Each set contains 3 color palette swaps.
  • Premium Effects - Once purchased, effects cannot be removed.
  • Reset Drinks (1, 5) - Can have up to 99. Cannot purchase anymore once limit is reached.
  • Premium Session Pass - Allows creation of Premium session
  • Character Unlock Pass - As stated above, unlocks a specific character of choice regardless of gift point requirements.


Main article: Tekken Revolution/Events

Events are frequent occurrences in Tekken Revolution. Event schedules are displayed on a noticeboard upon logging into the game or in the top right-hand corner of  the Main Menu screen. The noticeboard can be reopened by pressing Triangle on the main menu screen. Events usually occur when there is a major update or something significant to celebrate. Events give increased rewards by adding multipliers to gift points, fight money and/or experience points. Past events include the 1,000,000 download event and Launch event (Jumpstarter).


Tekken Revolution also has been criticized mostly because of the online community. Hackers abuse the stats, often setting their stats to an unsettable number, while very rarely, setting them to 200. The opposing player can also quit when they are about to lose - not letting the opposing player knockout them to guarantee a win.

Bugs and Glitches

  • Kazuya's lasers would hit the players even if they sidestepped out of the way. (Later Patched)
  • King's low kicks cause permanent paralysis.


Arctic Dream
Condor Canyon
Eternal Paradise
Extravagant Underground
Fireworks Over Barcelona
Hall of Judgement
Historic Town Square
Moai Excavation
Moonlit Wilderness
Riverside Promenade
Sakura Schoolyard
Tropical Rainforest
Tulip Festival
Winter Palace


Tekken Revolution Soundtrack

Trophies & Achievements

Tekken Revolution/Trophies and Achievements


Tekken Revolution/Gallery



  • All of the stages of this game are pre-existing stages from Tekken Tag Tournament 2, some of them with revised graphics and lighting effects. However, the background music has been completely changed.
  • This is the first Tekken title to not have Yoshimitsu as a playable character and Heihachi's first time since the original Tekken to be an unplayable boss.
    • Though according to an interview with Katsuhiro Harada, more characters might be added as DLC and those characters could possibly be among the line-up.
  • This is the first game that Tetsujin has made an appearance in since Tekken Tag Tournament.
  • This game marks the first appearance of Kinjin.
    • Kinjin did appear as an alternate color for Tetsujin in Tekken Tag Tournament, but his name only appears in a graphic tile in the arcade version's program ROM. Otherwise, he takes the name of Tetsujin.
  • The game cannot be played offline, requiring a consistent connection to PlayStation Network even for its single-player modes.
  • Harada-san has stated that Character Enhancement system was added to show players that their time and effort put into the game could be reflected more onto their beloved characters.
  • This is the first Tekken game to have modified a boss character's moveset when encountered in a rare scenario while still having the original boss unchanged. It is similar to Azazel; in Tekken 6 however, Azazel was merely a color swap, and his moveset was not changed in any way.
  • Soon after the announcement of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate:Core Fighters, Bandai Namco announced and quickly released Tekken Revolution, their own take on a concept of a free-to-play fighting game.[1]
  • A major update was scheduled to be released on July, 16, 2013 in all regions. This was delayed in Europe and North America because Sony couldn't approve the master code.
  • A "unique new character" poll was posted on the Official Tekken Facebook page on July 12, 2013. The poll was to decide the next playable Tekken Revolution character. The characters in the poll were proposed but never created. The top 3 winners of the poll would be chosen to be voted on again at San Diego Comic-Con. Female Vampire (later named Eliza on December 11, 2013) was chosen to become the next Tekken Revolution character.
  • In November 2013, Harada once again resurfaced the topic of "Ganmi-chan" (a female fan of Ganryu, who was among the choices in the poll voting), telling fans that if they retweet her 1000 times, then she would be considered again as a character of Tekken Revolution. As of early December 2013, she has garnered just under half the expectation.[citation needed]
  • The costumes section in the PlayStation Store menu has the same music as the customize menu in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • When the 1.4 patch update information was released in mid-December, the addition of Jaycee was accidentally revealed - the update stated that she would have a new swimsuit in the game, although her addition to the game was not mentioned until the release of the 1.5 patches on Valentine's Day.


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