These are 13 trophies in all available in Tekken Revolution.


  1. Rising in the RanksYou were promoted to a higher rank.
  2. Perfectionist You won a PERFECT battle.
  3. Never Give Up - You won a GREAT battle.


  1. Novice FighterYou played a ranked match.
  2. Just Getting Started You played a player match.
  3. Arcade MasterYou cleared Arcade Battle.
  4. That Felt Good You successfully attacked your opponent with a Special Art 3 times.
  5. Battle Scars You played 10 ranked matches.
  6. Honing My Skill You played Arcade Battle 4 times.
  7. Embarrassment of Riches You earned over 10,000 Gift Points total.
  8. Love Me Some Tekken - You signed in 10 days.
  9. A Familiar Face You unlocked a new character.


  1. Going for the Gold You earned over 1,000,000G total.