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Tekken Supporters is a mode exclusive to the Wii U version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


In Tekken Supporters mode, the player can spend fight money on characters. It acts as a popularity indicator for characters via online leaderboards, and allows all bonus items to be unlocked. By spending approximately 1,000,000 G per character, the player can unlock all hidden customizations, including swimsuits.

In the mode, the player can choose to "Award fight money to a character". Depending on the amount of money awarded, the player can unlock a sentence describing what the character does with the money, or may even acquire an item from the character in return. A unique line response for each character can also be unlocked.

The game mode is explained via a dialogue between Violet (Lee Chaolan) and his secretary, in a similar fashion to Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Fight Lab.

Intro Dialogue

  • Lee's Secretary: Welcome to Tekken Supporters! Here, our valued customers can receive items from their favorite characters by awarding them with fight money.
  • Violet: Hold on a minute! What is this, a charity?! If we're going to do this, there should at least be a fee.
  • Lee's Secretary: Forgive my saying so, sir, but who do you think got us into this mess? If we're going to regain the people's trust after the fiasco over the Combot explosion, then we need to be more charitable!
  • Violet: This again? When will you just let the past be? What's so great about giving out money to these people for the promise of some dumb items, anyway? Just go buy them yourself!
  • Lee's Secretary: In addition to being indicative of how popular a given character is, the amount of fight money awarded to a character can be ranked amongst all our customers.
  • Lee's Secretary: There are plenty of other rewards too - not least of all the honor, pride, and satisfaction derived from being the envy of your peers!
  • Violet: So you mean they'll be out to prove that they love the prettiest characters more than anyone else by throwing their money around, huh? Sounds like my kind of game!
  • Lee's Secretary: Is that all you ever talk about? Well, I suppose that's not an entirely inaccurate description. Oh, and you can rest assured we won't charge any fees!
  • Lee's Secretary: But bear in mind that awarding a character fight money doesn't guarantee they'll give out an item. The amount you give can influence the odds, but ultimately it depends on how the recipient is feeling.
  • Lee's Secretary: And as part of the process, remember that once a character has been awarded with money, it will take some time before more can be given.
  • Violet: So, beautiful, how many Gs is your love for me worth?
  • Lee's Secretary: I'm fairly certain my "love" for you couldn't even be represented in Gs, sir.
  • Violet: So you mean to say it's a love so great that it can't be expressed in mere numbers? Splendid! That's why you're my secretary. Ha ha ha!

Character Awards

A random dialogue response will be given in response to the player gifting money to a character. As certain thresholds are met, special items are unlocked and received. A unique response for each character is unlocked when 10,000,000 G has been given.

By spending approximately 1,000,000 G per character, the player can unlock all hidden customizations, including swimsuits.

The following are a list of unique character responses:


  • Lee's Secretary: I delivered the money as promised, but he didn't seem very interested. What a shame.

Alisa Bosconovitch

  • Violet: She was really happy and said she wanted to buy a lot of new clothes. Man, she's beautiful all right. Maybe we should try making a female version robot, too.

Ancient Ogre

  • Lee's Secretary: Mustering up all the courage we could, we delivered the money to Ancient Ogre. He instantly burned it to a crisp, but maybe he was just trying to say, "thanks"?


  • Violet: I couldn't really break the ice. Could it be that there's something wrong with my impeccable conversational skills? Nah, that's crazy.

Anna Williams

  • Violet: She didn't give a word of thanks, but she looked very happy. Guess she doesn't like the idea of losing a popularity contest to her sister.

Asuka Kazama

Baek Doo San

  • Lee's Secretary: I'm not sure what the money will be used for, but he seemed very happy.


  • Lee's Secretary: He said he'd use it to create a new suit, but I don't think he was referring to formal wear.

Bruce Irvin

  • Lee's Secretary: He said he'll use the money to repair that car and to pay for the costs of raising chickens.

Bryan Fury

  • Lee's Secretary: It was a bit risky, but I delivered the money to him. I can't imagine he'll use it for anything good, though.


  • Lee's Secretary: Thank you for your support. We will be sure to put the money towards the development of the next Combot.

Devil Jin

  • Lee's Secretary: I tried to give the money to him, but there was no response.

Doctor Bosconovitch

  • Lee's Secretary: He said he would use it to develop a remedy for hereditary baldness. He certainly has an inventor's spirit, that's for sure!

Eddy Gordo

  • Lee's Secretary: He says he wants to use the money to expand the orphanage. I know a certain someone who could learn from his example.

Emilie De Rochefort

  • Violet: She seemed rather concerned about whether or not she got more money than Asuka Kazama. Doesn't she know that I love them both equally?

Feng Wei

  • Lee's Secretary: He said he was going to buy some new teacups with it. I suppose he must go through a lot of them.

Forest Law

  • Lee's Secretary: He said he would buy the motorbike he'd always wanted. I have a bad feeling about this, but it's not my decision.


  • Lee's Secretary: He said he wanted to hire more young girls at Chanko Paradise. Come to think of it, our company president wants to do the same thing. What is with some people?


  • Lee's Secretary: He said he wanted to buy some new parts for his motorcycle. I do hope he doesn't get pulled over for speeding!

Heihachi Mishima

  • Lee's Secretary: I was going to give the money to Heihachi directly, but a bear-- Kuma, I believe-- took care of it. He said Heihachi was out at the moment and there was no telling when he'd be back.


  • Lee's Secretary: I didn't hand it to him in person, but I did give it to his developer. She says it will be used for new equipment.


  • Violet: She seemed really nervous. Said something about talking it over with her friend. I wonder what she looks like under that mask?

Jin Kazama

  • Lee's Secretary: He says it'll be used to fund the Zaibatsu. Just like Kazuya, he didn't exactly say what he'd do with the money.

Jun Kazama

  • Violet: She didn't give any details on what she'd do with it, but knowing her, she'll probably use it for her environmentalist activities.

Kazuya Mishima

  • Lee's Secretary: He says it'll be invested in G Corp. Just like Jin, he didn't exactly say what he'd do with the money.


  • Lee's Secretary: I couldn't tell if he was happy or not because of the mask, but he said he would use the money to help other people.


  • Lee's Secretary: I don't know what it was trying to say, but I think it went off to buy Panda a present.


  • Violet: She seemed interested in money, but not in getting it for free. I thought about taking off her mask to get a look at her, but she threatened to stab me. Ha ha ha!

Lars Alexandersson

  • Lee's Secretary: It looks like he'd use it to buy some new equipment. I also heard him say something about "oden" for some reason.

Lee Chaolan

  • Lee's Secretary: Lee had the following to say in response: "Excellent!"

Lei Wulong

  • Lee's Secretary: He said it would go right back to funding the organization he works for. A job is a job, I suppose.

Leo Kliesen

  • Violet: I wasn't sure if I should have done it, but I delivered the money all the same. Looks like the money will be used to travel the world.

Ling Xiaoyu

  • Violet: She says she wants to use it to build an amusement park someday. Oh, how sweet it is to know I've helped a lady achieve her dreams!

Marshall Law

  • Lee's Secretary: He claimed he'd use the money to help pay off his debt. Life never quits, as they say.

Michelle Chang

  • Violet: She said something about buying a new costume. She looked radiantly happy!

Miguel Caballero Rojo

  • Lee's Secretary: He said he didn't need the money, but your sentiments made him smile.


  • Lee's Secretary: It looks like he found a significant other when he was invited to Namco Bandai Games, so he'll spend it on the two of them.

Nina Williams

  • Violet: She'll use the money to buy herself some new weapons. I swear, I'll never get tired of watching those two sisters go at it!

Paul Phoenix

  • Lee's Secretary: He'll put the money towards his efforts to become the greatest fighter in the universe. He didn't tell me exactly how one goes about accomplishing that, though.


  • Lee's Secretary: Delivering the funds took some time, because there were actually several Ravens out there, but I eventually found the correct one.

Sergei Dragunov

  • Lee's Secretary: Mister Dragunov has a message for you. He wanted to say, "...".

Slim Bob

  • Lee's Secretary: He said he wanted to use the money to buy food to get back to his normal weight. I suppose gaining weight takes as much effort as losing it does.

Steve Fox

  • Lee's Secretary: Apparently, he is searching for someone and said he'd use the money for that purpose.


  • Violet: Unfortunately, she didn't have much of anything to say. I barely escaped with my life, but danger only excites me!


  • Violet: Excellent! You can bet this won't go to waste! Now to give you a little something special. Be grateful.

Wang Jinrei

  • Lee's Secretary: With tears in his eyes, he bragged about how popular he must be. He looked rather pleased with himself.


  • Violet: She said she'd buy some beautiful clothes. Heh, I figured she had a feminine side to her somewhere!

Random responses

When the player gifts money, usually there will be a random response from Lee's Secretary, telling the player what the character's response is. There is also a random chance that Violet rather than his secretary will send the gift for the player.

From Lee's Secretary

When Sending Money:

  • "More isn't always better. Just give what you can at your own pace."
  • "Whatever you can give is just fine. Every little bit helps!"
  • "Thank you for using our services. I'm sure your efforts will one day be rewarded!"
  • "I can tell you're rather invested in this one. I'm sure they'll be very pleased."
  • "Well, I'll be sure to send it. I do hope the money will be used in good taste."

After Money Has Been Sent:

  • "I'm terribly sorry, but I have nothing for you this time."
  • "Transfer Complete. I was told to give this to you as thanks."
  • "Exchange complete. I received an item for you as well!"
  • "The recipient said they were running low on money and that this came just in the nick of time. What wonderful news."
  • "I delivered the money, the recipient didn't really have anything to say."
  • "I have an item for you this time. How wonderful!"
  • "I've received a gift for you. I hope you will find it useful."
  • "Upon delivering the money, the recipient asked for your name. I'm not sure what they were trying to imply."
  • "I'm afraid there was no reward. It's entirely dependent on how the recipient feels at the time, so I do hope you'll understand."
  • "It appears your offering actually upset the recipient, but these things happen. Try not to take it too personally."
  • "The money was delivered as promised, but it seemed that the recipient wasn't sure what to do with it."
  • "They had nothing in particular to say, but looked extremely happy."
  • "The recipient immediately spent it on something pricey. What your funds will ultimately be used for depends on the individual."
  • "The recipient seemed pretty angry. Perhaps you didn't offer enough money this time."
  • "The recipient requested additional funding. Looks like it wasn't enough."
  • "I said that I had a payment from you, but they were rather unresponsive. My apologies."
  • "The recipient cried actual tears of joy. They were quite pleased indeed!"
  • "I've received an item for you. It must be something very valuable."

From Violet

When Sending Money:

  • "All right, I'll send it myself this time!"
  • "That's it? Seriously? Ha! Well, even if it's chump change I'll send it for you. Don't come crying to me if you don't get anything back, though!"
  • "Good! Keep it up!"
  • "Well, well. That's quite the chunk of change! If you don't get anything back for it, then chalk it up to bad luck."
  • "Personally, I think that if you really want to show love for that special someone of yours, you should put a little more into it. But hey, what do I know?"
  • "That's a pretty hefty sum you're throwing out there. They're bound to notice you eventually!"

After Money Has Been Sent:

  • "Rather than some measly gift, I'll present you with my affections. Trust me, it's far more valuable any how."
  • "Well, what did you think was going to happen? No item for you. Maybe you should try sweetening the offer a little more next time."
  • "How dreadful! Looks like you actually made them really mad! Don't go blaming me for it."
  • "Splendid! I see you're beginning to understand how charming this ranking system is."
  • "Looks like an item came in for you."
  • "Nice item!"
  • "I've got an item with your name on it. What's that? No, of course I didn't open it or anything! Don't be absurd! Ha ha ha..."
  • "Here's your item. Really, it's thanks to me that you got this, but I'm sure you knew that."

Background Music


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 OST- Supporters

Tekken Supporters Theme



  • The reference to 'oden' in Lars's unique response is likely a reference to his Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending, in which he has a nightmare about eating the dish with the Mishimas.
  • It is likely the bear mentioned in Heihachi's unique response is actually Heihachi himself, rather than Kuma, as a reference to his Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending where he mistakenly drinks a potion that transforms him into a bear.
  • Once fight money has been given to a character, the same character cannot be given money again until 60 seconds has elapsed.