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Nina slapping Anna after losing

Tekken Tag Tournament has characters that have special network partners. This consists of special Netsu Power allegiances, team throws, special interludes, and special Game Over screens.


The list below indicates how many hits the life bar must take before it starts to flash, indicating that rage (Netsu) mode has been triggered for the inactive character. The effect remains active for 3 seconds.

Netsu Power is the temporary state the player's selected player is in when the lifebar outline is flashing red. It is also known as the Anger Power, because it activates when your on screen character gets hit a set number of times and the off screen characters gets angry. The number of hits required for the Netsu activation depends on which characters are teamed up.

During the Netsu Power the fighter will inflict 1.3 times the assigned standard damage. Unlike popular believes the Netsu extra damage cannot be accumulated with the Ki Power damage, the Ki Power damage modifier will take precedence over the Netsu Power in this case. If the player starts a throw but the Netsu runs out before the actual throw damage registers it will do the normal amount of damage.

Below is a list of the number of hits it requires for the Netsu Power Up to start. It does not matter what kind of hit it is, mid air juggle hits, unblockables, special moves or a plain and simple jab all count as a hit.[1]

Netsu Team Allegiance

The following chart shows the character relationships of each fighter that has an impact on when a character will get enraged from seeing their partner getting hurt in battle.

When their partner has taken a certain number of hits, the Offscreen Character will become enraged. A throw is counted as 1.8 hits. The default number of hits changes for each character and is listed under Hits Before Enraged. For example, Nina will wait until a neutral tag partner has taken 7 hits before becoming enraged, whilst Yoshimitsu will by default become enraged after his partner has taken only 4 hits.

If a character included is in the Hates column, it indicates there is no Netsu activated when the character is off screen. This means no matter how many hits their partner takes, the offscreen character will never become enraged. Some characters by default will never become enraged, their Hits Before Enraged column has been left blank.

A final column is included noting which characters have special win poses together. These do not affect Netsu data. Netsu data shows stats relevant to the game and should not be altered.

Offscreen Character Hits Before Enraged Likes Dislikes Hates Special Win Poses
Alex 5 Yoshimitsu (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre Kuma, Panda, Roger
Angel 5 Kazuya, Ogre, True Ogre Jin, Kazuya
Anna Williams 5 Nina (7), Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre Nina
Armor King 5 King (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre King
Baek Doo San 5 Hwoarang (4) Devil (7) Kazuya, Ogre, True Ogre Hwoarang
Bruce Irvin 5 Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre
Bryan Fury 5 Devil (7) Lei, Ogre, True Ogre
Devil Gold Tetsujin (5) Jin, Kazuya
Eddy Gordo 5 Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre
Forest Law 5 Paul (4) Devil (7) Baek, Ogre, True Ogre
Ganryu 5 Michelle (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre Julia, Michelle
Gold Tetsujin 5
Gun Jack 5 Jack-2 (4), P. Jack (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre Jack-2
Heihachi Mishima 7 Kuma (5), Gold Tetsujin (5) Devil (10) Kazuya, Lee, Ogre, True Ogre Jin, Jun, Kazuya, Kuma, Xiaoyu, Panda
Hwoarang 5 Baek (4) Jin (7), Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre Baek, Jin
Jack-2 Gold Tetsujin (5) Gun Jack
Jin Kazama 5 Jun (4), Heihachi (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre Angel, Devil, Heihachi, Hwoarang, Jun, Kazuya, Xiaoyu
Julia Chang 5 Michelle (4) Devil (7) Heihachi, Ogre, True Ogre Ganryu, Michelle
Jun Kazama 5 Jin (4) Devil (7) Nina, Ogre, True Ogre Jin, Kazuya, Heihachi
Kazuya Mishima 7 Gold Tetsujin (5) Jun (10) Lee, Jin, Ogre, True Ogre Angel, Devil, Jin, Jun, Lee
King 5 Armor King (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Orge Armor King
Kuma 5 Heihachi (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre Alex, Heihachi, Xiaoyu, Panda, Paul, Roger
Kunimitsu 5 Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre
Lee Chaolan 5 Kazuya (7), Devil (7) Jin, Ogre, True Ogre Kazuya
Lei Wulong 5 Bryan (7), Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre
Ling Xiaoyu 5[2] Heihachi (Kick Outfit) (4), Panda (4), Wang (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre Heihachi, Jin, Kuma, Panda, Wang, Yoshimitsu
Michelle Chang 5 Julia (4) Devil (7) Heihachi, Ganryu, Ogre, True Ogre Ganryu, Julia
Nina Williams 7 Gold Tetsujin (5) Anna, Jin, Kazuya, Ogre, True Ogre Anna
Ogre Gold Tetsujin (5)
Panda 5 Xiaoyu (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre Alex, Heihachi, Xiaoyu, Kuma, Paul, Roger
Paul Phoenix 5 Law (4) Kuma (7), Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre
Prototype Jack Gold Tetsujin (5)
Roger 5 Yoshimitsu (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre Alex, Kuma, Panda
True Ogre Gold Tetsujin (5)
Unknown Gold Tetsujin (5)
Wang Jinrei 5 Heihachi (4), Jin (4), Xiaoyu (4) Devil (7) Ogre, True Ogre
Yoshimitsu 4 Devil (5) Ogre, True Ogre Xiaoyu

Special Poses

Intro Poses

Paul and Law

  • If both are in their left punch outfits, Paul will pose with his arm resting on Law.
  • If both are in their right kick outfits, they will share the same pose (the same as Law in the above pose).
  • If both are in their right punch or left kick outfits, both Paul and Law will perform Paul's default neck-cracking pose.

Heihachi and Lee

  • If both are in their punch button outfits (or Lee in his tuxedo), Heihachi will perform a Neck Breaker on Lee.
  • If both Heihachi and Lee are in their kick button outfits, Heihachi will spank Lee.

Kazuya and Heihachi (or Jin)

  • Both fighters will stare at each other with their arms crossed.

Hwoarang and Baek

  • Hwoarang and Baek will perform some moves in unison.

Hwoarang and Jin

  • Hwoarang will argue while Jin stands around with his arms folded.

Hwoarang and Kazuya

  • Hwoarang will kick at the ground while Kazuya folds his arms and stares at him.

Hwoarang and Lee

  • Hwoarang will kick at the ground while Lee scratches his head.

Hwoarang and Bryan

  • Hwoarang will kick at the ground while Bryan performs his 1+3+4 taunt.

Hwoarang and Paul

  • Hwoarang will point towards Paul while Paul is in the same pose as his Paul and Law right kick intro.

Hwoarang and Bruce

  • Similar to above but Bruce is also moving.

Hwoarang and Eddy (or Tiger)

  • Hwoarang and Eddy/Tiger share the above pose (pointing). The animation timing is on different frames so they are not mimicking each other.

Hwoarang and Lei

  • Hwoarang sits on the ground while Lei berates him.

Lei and Bryan

  • Lei will lay on the ground while Bryan performs his regular intro pose.

Michelle and Ganryu

  • Michelle walks away waving her hand in the air (same as her lose animation) while Ganryu is kneeling.


Yoshimitsu and Xiaoyu

  • Yoshimitsu will spin his sword while Xiaoyu performs Greetings.
    • Alternately, a winning Yoshimitsu will spin his sword while Xiaoyu sits down and has a tantrum (the same as her lose pose).

Hwoarang and Baek

  • Both Hwoarang and Baek perform part of the Tekken 3 EMBU.

Heihachi and Kuma

  • Both Heihachi and Kuma will perform Heihachi's left punch win pose.

Lei and Bryan

  • Lei will lay on the ground while Bryan performs his left punch win pose.

Michelle and Ganryu

  • Michelle faces away from Ganryu folding her arms while Ganryu performs his right punch win pose.

Tekken Bowl

  • When the player gets a strike in Tekken Bowl with Tetsujin or Mokujin as the second character, they will always mimic the first character's win pose.


  • On the continue screen, Anna will argue with Nina, and Nina will slap Anna and backflip away before they both crumple on the ground.



  1. ^ From Tekken Zaibatsu.
  2. ^ When Xiaoyu wears her green outfit, which can only be selected at random, she gets Netsu after 5 hits with everybody.

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