List of Item Moves featured in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The item moves have been improved. Each character has their own unique item move(s).

Item Move List

Character Item name Command Effect Notes
Alex Wild Fin u+1+4 Breathes fire. Does damage.
Alisa Bosconovitch Battle Helmet u+1+2 Protects herself from the enemy's attack. No damage.
Alisa Bosconovitch Collaboration Costume b,b+1+4 Performs an enhanced version of her "Double Rocket Punch" Deals more damage than the Double Rocket Punch and cannot be ducked, but takes longer to fully charge up.
Ancient Ogre Aztec Mask df,df,+1+3 Absorbs enemy's health meter. Does damage and recovers player's health.
Angel Angel Sword u+2+3 Flies into the air, creating a laser-slash with the sword. Does damage.
Anna Williams Witch's Mask d/f,d/f+1 Makes the opponent eat a mushroom that causes them to turn purple as they dance before collapsing. Special K.O. Animation
Armor King Champion's Belt GS+1 on mid-air opponent Pins the opponent after Muscle Driver, with partner acting as the referee doing a three-count. Special K.O. animation
Asuka Kazama Sledge Hammer u+1+4 Hits the enemy with the hammer. Does damage.
Baek Doo San Messy Hair u+1+2 Summons an eagle. Does damage. 
Bob Air Valve u+1+4 Smashes the enemy with his stomach. Does damage.
Bruce Irvin Chick d+1+2 Attacks the enemy with a chicken. Does damage.
Bryan Fury Missile Pods u+1+4 Shoots the enemy with missiles. Does damage.
Christie Monteiro Bikini Top 1+3+4 Swings around a pole dancing while attacking the enemy. Does damage.
Combot Bike Wheel U (While Tagging) Rides into the arena as a bicycle form before transforming back. Special tag animation
Craig Marduk Championship Belt 1+3 after tackle (ex: 3+4~1+2,1+3) Pins the opponent down, with the partner acting as the referee and restraining Marduk after the round. Special K.O. animation
Devil Jin Ram Horns 1+2+3 Summons a portal that can teleports the opponent's current character Forces a tag
Dr. Bosconovitch Alisa's Head u/f+1+2 Gives the opponent the mask, which explodes. Same as Alisa's u/f+1+2. Does damage.
Dragunov Grenade Launcher u+1+4 Shoots the enemy. Does damage.
Eddy Gordo Afro 2+3 Dances on a pole while hitting the opponent Does damage.
Feng Wei Monkey King's Head U (while tagging) Flies in on Sun Wukong's yellow cloud. Special Tag animation
Forest Law Chinese Medal d/f+1+2 Approach the opponent when the health is low enough for a K.O.. Beats the opponent down, finishing them with a one-inch punch. Special K.O. animation
Ganryu Devil Ganryu u+1+4 Tries flying, but fails and does a belly flop on the opponent. Does damage.
Heihachi Mishima Legendary Hair ff+1+2 or d/f+2+3 Heihachi's head will now reflect light when he headbutts Animation change
Hwoarang Leather Pants & Blade Boots 2+4 Approach the opponent when health is low enough to K.O. Performs a flurry of kicks before finishing with a Just Frame Skyrocket. Special K.O animation
Jaycee Champion's Belt d/f+1+2 Approach the opponent when health is low enough to K.O. Partner will come in to count the pinfall Special K.O animation
Jaycee Collaboration Costume u/f+1+2 Traps the opponent in a trashcan before hitting them with a dropkick Deals damage
Jin Kazama Evil Eyes d/f+2+3 Approach the opponent when health is low enough to K.O.. Causes Jin to throw a barrage of punches before finishing with a single body blow Special K.O animation
Jinpachi Mishima Rope Sash u+1+4 Hits the enemy with a giant rock. Does damage.
Jun Kazama Umbrella U (while tagging) Flies with an umbrella when 1P is tagged out. Special tag animation
Kazuya Mishima Hammer Head ff+1+2 Approach the opponent K.O. Kazuya will repeatedly headbutt the opponent until their body is buried underground. Special K.O. animation
King Champion's Belt fff+2+4 (in Midair) Perform the throw and K.O the opponent. Partner will rush in to count the pinfall. Special K.O animation
Kuma King's Cloak f+1+2~tag during hunting bear (3+4) Hits the enemy with a tire cradle. Makes the throw tag-bufferable
Kunimitsu Explosive Kunai u+2+3 Blasts the enemy. Does damage.
Lars Alexandersson Sci-Fi Blade U+2+4 Slashes the enemy. Does damage.
Lee Chaolan Rose u+2+3 Throws a rose at the opponent's forehead. Does damage.
Lei Wulong Gourd Jug 2+4 or 1+3 during "Drunken Walk" f+3+4 Attacks the opponent fiercely with the help of a wooden chair. Does damage.
Leo Kliesen Bomb u+1+4 Drops the bomb before running away to take cover. Does damage.
Lili Rochefort Teddy Bear u+1+4 Gives the opponent an explosive teddy bear. Does damage.

Marshall Law

Wok u+1+4 Attacks the enemy with a Wok. Does damage.
Michelle Chang Tomahawk u+2+3 Slashes the enemy. Does damage.
Miguel Tattoo 2+3 Pulls out a crowbar and hits the opponent. Does damage.
Miguel Collaboration Costume b,b+1+4 Shoots the opponent with a gun hidden inside Miguel's guitar case Does damage
Miharu Hirano School Bag U+1+4 Takes photo with the opponent. Special animation
Mokujin Tree 1+2+3+4 A huge tree grows on its head. Special animation
Nina Williams Glocks u+1+4,1+4,1+4,1+4 Shoots the enemy. Does damage.
Ogre Stone Blade u+2+3 Slams the sword on the opponent. Does damage.
Panda Punk Hat f+1+2~tag during hunting bear (3+4) Hits the enemy with a tire cradle. Makes the throw tag-bufferable
Paul Phoenix T-Shirt b+1+4~5~Tag Launches the partner after throwing the opponent, causing both to crash onto a table. Makes the throw tag-bufferable.
P. Jack Crane u+1+4 Grabs the opponent with the crane and swings them around before flinging them away. Can also be done on mid-air foes Does Damage
Raven Ninja Scroll u+2+3 Breathes fire. Does damage.
Roger Jr. Cartoon Head GS+1 Approach the opponent when health is low enough for a K.O.. Roger Jr. will swing the opponent for a longer period of time before finally throwing them, causing them to crash underground Special K.O. animation
Sebastian Fancy Cane u+1+4 Hits enemy like a golf ball out of the stage. Does damage and forces tag.
Slim Bob Main Dish u+2+3 Opens the platter to drop food. Recovers health.
Steve Fox Muay Thai Headband b+2+3 Kicks the enemy but damages Steve slightly. Does damage.
Violet Handheld Computer U+1+4 Summons a robot to run into the opponent. Does damage.
Wang Jinrei Wizard Hat 1+2+3 Electrifies the opponent. Does damage.
Xiaoyu Banana Palm Fan u+1+4 Flutters the enemy. Does damage.


Black Blade 2+3+4 Creates two energy waves that hit the opponent. Does damage.

Devilish Mask

b+1+4 Summons a demonic spirit that follows the opponent. Special animation

Other items

These are items that are by default equippable on every character excluding Unknown and Tiger:

  • G clef cane - Makes the character's voice sound lower or higher (input u+2+3~u or d).
  • Model Gun - Shoots the character with a paint gun. The paint stains their body/clothing (input u+1+4~1+4~1+4~1+4~1+4~1+4).
  • Halo - Floats upwards when K.O'ed by a non-down move.
  • Glass Sword - Slashes the opponent (input 1+2+3).
  • Chocolate/Ornate Cake - Smashes the cake into the opponent's face when used.

Item Move Gallery


  • Tiger Jackson and Unknown are the only DLC characters who can't be customized and therefore, don't have any item moves.


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