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Not much is known of Jun personally aside from the few hints that other characters have given throughout the series. Kazuya describes her "mysterious" in his Tekken 6 prolouge. Jun seems to embody tranquility and purity and is shown to have peaceful and animal loving nature .This is evident in her mission to save Kazuya from the corruption of the Devil in Tekken 2, the forest animals' natural affinity towards her (shown in her Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 endings), and her ability to suppress the Devil Gene (as she does so in her Tekken Tag Tournament ending as well as during her special tag winpose with Devil Jin in Tekken Tag Tournament 2).

Jun holds deep and strong love for her son, Jin Kazama. Having raised Jin as a single parent in the seclusion of the wilderness since his birth, the two shared a very close and strong bond. She fervently fought off Devil when the apparition tried to make a host of Jin while Jun was still pregnant with Jin and him to seek refuge with Heihachi Mishima should anything happen to her. She also instructed Jin in Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts.

Even with the two still no longer together, Jun continues to have a strong impact on her son's life and seems to continue to guide him even after being missing for so long. It is an apparition/vision of her that stops Jin from killing Heihachi and the very reason Jin sought to kill Ogre was because he believed that the god of fighting had murdered his mother. Even for as much time has passed by the events of Tekken 6, Jin states that he greatly misses his mother and wishes nothing more for her to be at his side again. In Jin's Tag Tournament 2 ending, Jin is surprised to find his mother transform from Unknown after having defeated her. Once she disappears from Jin's arms, he transforms into his alter-ego and flies away into orbit, screaming in pain from having lost his beloved mother again. An apparition of Jun embraces a distraught Jin (in his Devil Jin ending, continuing from his first) in space, seemingly reversing his transformation.

If the two are paired up in Tag 2, Jun expresses sorrow and disappointment towards Jin (most likely because of his actions in Tekken 6), asking him if he forgot her teachings. However, in their special winpose, the two will begin to pass one another before stopping and, after a brief moment of hesitation, look of their shoulders and smile at one another. This shows that, though there may be some tension between the two, they are nonetheless happy to see each other after so long.

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