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The King of Fighters: All Star is a free to play, mobile RPG game released for iOS and Android, developed by South Korean gaming company Netmarble authorized by SNK.

A King of Fighters X Tekken Crossover was announced in July 2019. Selected Tekken fighters have been added to the character roster as part of the crossover campaign as of November 19, 2019.[1]

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  • All Tekken characters voice clips are reused from previous Tekken games (the last home series installment being Tekken 7), rather than also using the Japanese voice clips from Street Fighter X Tekken.
    • It is also one of the Tekken-related games to reuse the archive voice clips of one of Heihachi’s late-voice actors, the second being Tekken 3D: Prime Edition.
    • As some of SFxT Japanese voice clips are reused, it means that Paul uses full Japanese voice clips from the said Capcom’s developed crossover fighting game, rather than reusing previous Tekken games’ latest voice clips.
  • This game is an exchange collaboration game between this game and Tekken 7, due to Geese Howard's appearance in the latter game.
    • However, due to exchange collaboration game between this game and Dead or Alive 5 Last Round and Dead or Alive 6, due to Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamonds appearance in the latter's two games (the latter SNK character only appear in latter game entry), this game marks the first time to have both Tekken and Dead or Alive series in a same game where they crossing over.
    • By extend, because Capcom’s Street Fighter (Akuma’s home series, though based on the last season of Street Fighter V) being included in 2022 thanks to fans’ demands, it is also the first time the said Capcom series to be in a same game as Dead or Alive series, third time to be in a same game Tekken series since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear (based on Xrd Rev 2) are also in this game as one of the crossover representative, this is not the first Capcom and Arc System Works collaborate in a same game, it was their co-developed fighting game adaption of Capcom’s hack n’ slash series Sengoku Basara.


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