Tiger Miyagi (タイガー・ミヤギ Taigā Miyagi?) is an exclusive character for the Tekken (Mobile) game.



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Tiger Miyagi is a freely playable character in Tekken (Mobile).

Tiger's special moves are a blend between Kazuya and Jin's moves in which he can utilizes both Jin's Thrusting Uppercut and his Demon's Paw to damage his opponent. He can also utilizes both Heihachi and Kazumi's Hell Axle.

Fighting Style

Tiger Miyagi uses the traditional karate which originated in modern-day Okinawa (formerly the Ryukyu Kingdom). Although, his main style is a blend between Jin's traditional karate based on Kyokushin and Kazuya's Advanced Mishima-style Karate based on Shotokan.


  • He is the second character with the first name "Tiger", the other being Tiger Jackson.


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