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Christie Monteiro card in the Universal Fighting System

Universal Fighting System (UFS) is a collectible card game designed by Jasco Games, originally by Sabertooth Games. The themes of the cards are drawn from a multitude of licensed gaming universes, principally fighting game licenses.

Tekken Set

A set of 99 cards based off Tekken 6 characters was released in August 2009. It contains cards of Christie Monteiro, Kazuya Mishima, King, Nina Williams and Paul Phoenix.


A game in the Universal Fighting System represents a battle between two adversaries. Each player controls one of the two characters, with the objective being to defeat the opponent, typically through the loss of vitality.

Players take turns, with each turn consisting of multiple actions. With each additional action a player takes in a turn, the difficulty of successfully completing that action increases. Players can continue to take actions until they choose to stop or until they fail an attempt. The game structure typically involves players building up foundations over successive turns, which then allows a greater number of actions before failure. Management of these becomes crucial, as players must strike a balance between using their resources for offense and defense; going "all out" for a series of attacks can leave one vulnerable to retaliation during the opponent's turn. The system relies heavily on card combinations, where one card enhances the effect of another. The game is an advanced or expert level product (owing in large part to the fact that every card has at least one special ability), primarily aimed at older or more experienced gamers.

Card types

There are five different types of cards:

  • Characters - A card which represents the combatant whose role the player is currently assuming. Character cards contain information about the character's hand size, special abilities, symbols/alignment, and starting vitality.
  • Attacks - Orange-bordered cards which represent attempts to directly inflict damage on an opponent. Successful attacks that deal damage are added to one's momentum, which helps towards enhancing certain attacks and other cards.
  • Actions - Blue-bordered cards played from the hand which allow the character to perform some non-attack action or maneuver.
  • Foundations - Grey-bordered cards which signify intensive training and reserves of inner strength upon which a character can draw to power attacks or abilities.
  • Assets - Green-bordered cards which represent places or objects which are in play.

There are also split cards, which have two types and two possible effects. When the card is played, the player must decide which type the card will be.

Card symbols

Different character cards feature different selections of the thirteen attribute symbols, and a deck can only use cards that match one or more of that character's symbols. Hence, this prevents a character from using abilities which are not a match for their style or personality. The thirteenth symbol, Infinity, has no defined attributes and can count as any other symbol at any given time. The thirteen symbols and their associated traits are:

Element (description) Attributes
[AIR] (A white whirlwind) Intelligence, Deliberateness
[ALL] (A red circle) Existence, Fullness
[CHAOS] (Three arrows pointing out) Disorder, Instinct
[DEATH] (A white skull) Destruction, Finality
[EARTH] (A green mountain) Stalwart, Strength
[EVIL] (A red pitchfork) Ruthlessness, Villainy
[FIRE] (An orange flame) Passion, Speed
[GOOD] (A yellow halo) Compassion, Heroism
[LIFE] (A growing plant) Beginning, Creation
[ORDER] (A golden justice scale) Law, Structure
[VOID] (A dark-grey vortex) Emptiness, Space
[WATER] (A blue wave) Adaptation, Fluidity
[INFINITY] (A Möbius strip) Eternity, Timelessness


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