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Unknown (アンノウン An'noun?) is a character in the Tekken series. She is the main villain of the Tekken Tag Tournament games who made her debut as the final boss in the original Tekken Tag Tournament. After that, she did not make any other appearances in the series until the game's sequel, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, where she once again served as the final boss.


Since Tekken Tag Tournament's release, Namco has not provided any clear explanation on Unknown. The comic book Tekken Forever was meant to explain who Unknown was, but it was canceled after only one issue. The Tekken 6 artbook finally revealed that Unknown was originally meant to be Jun Kazama's sister, but was dropped when Tekken Tag Tournament became a non-canon spin-off game.

The Jun Kazama/Unknown Controversy

What's interesting to note, however, is that Unknown starts with the fighting style of Jun Kazama at the onset of every battle. This, in addition to their similar features, have led many to believe that Unknown is a possessed Jun Kazama. Unknown also appears in Ogre's Tekken Tag Tournament ending. In this ending, Ogre has defeated Jin Kazama, and he is about to consume Jin's soul. However, Unknown interrupts him, and it is implied that the two engage in a fight, and Unknown is seen without the Wolf Demon. Her apparent independent and selfless intervention on the behalf of Jin furthers suspicions that she is Jin's lost mother Jun Kazama. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 would later confirm the suspicions of Jun and Unknown being the same person.


A werewolf spirit-like creature seems to have possessed Unknown for its own purpose, which is to complete itself, as shown in Unknown's Tekken Tag Tournament ending. The creature accompanies her in battle and mimics Unknown's moves and actions.


Unknown is an Asian-looking woman with glowing yellow eyes and purple slime coating her otherwise naked body. Unknown has shoulder-length dark hair and glowing, yellow eyes. She has the Devil Gene tattoo on her right arm. Behind her, some sort of wolf-like spirit acts out every move she performs, giving the impression that it is controlling her actions.


Unknowns main outfit has her being naked, and only covered with the purple slime. The second outfit has her dressed in a dirty and tattered dress with her hands and legs in bandages. There is also a concept art of her wearing a schoolgirl outfit, but it was never implemented.


Tekken Tag Tournament

Unknown made her first debut as the final boss of Tekken Tag Tournament.

Tekken Tag Tournament - Unknown Ending

Tekken Tag Tournament - Unknown Ending

Ending Description: The screen shows Unknown blinking one of her eyes, focusing on it. It then changes to a side view of Unknown. Suddenly, she senses the evil wolf-like spirit behind her. It then attempts to hit her, but misses as Unknown ducks. She then strikes it in the torso, but her arm gets stuck. As she tries to free her arm from the spirit's body, its arms grab her body and absorbs her subsequently. Seconds later, the spirit is shown developing legs. Unknown had become fully consumed within the body of the spirit. The screen then shows Unknown raging inside him. The spirit's body is shown being ripped through, as Unknown manages to break out from its possession. She lands on her chest, then slowly lifts herself up with a slight smile from the pleasure of knowing she escaped the hands of the evil spirit.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Unknown returns as the final boss of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 without her wolf-like creature. She is also a playable DLC character. She acts as Jun Kazama's final transformation in Arcade Mode final stage round 2.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Unknown Ending

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Unknown Ending

TTT2 Ending

Ending Description: Unknown is seen slowly falling unconscious, barely covered, into deep water. Then Angel suddenly appears and reaches a hand out towards Unknown. Angel then gently touches one of her hands while smiling. Angel's pureness strips Unknown of her evil powers. Unknown then bends backwards after being touched by Angel. The slime on her body slowly begins to wash away in front of Angel as the evil is expelled. Unknown is now almost fully bare as Angel absorbs the evil. Angel promptly vanishes afterwards. Unknown then closes her eyes as she descends downwards into the depths of water, completely naked. 

Project X Zone 2

Unknown appears as a rival unit in the tactical role-playing game Project X Zone 2.


Unknown has the ability to copy all of the other characters' abilities (except the Jack's), and the player can switch fighting styles on the fly simply by pressing the right analog stick.

Unknown and the wolf-like creature that possesses her aren't actually a tag team per se, as one cannot be switched out for the other. The wolf-like creature actually possesses Unknown to "even out" this disadvantage. While playing against her in story, she has the ability to regenerate lost health that is still red in her health bar, a trait normally attributed only to characters who are tagged out. Further more, Unknown is not knocked out until even the red bits of her health bar have been fully depleted (these traits do not carry over if a player plays as her). In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, she is no longer with the wolf-like creature, having previously broken free of its control and killed it.

Fighting Style

During gameplay, Unknown mimics the fighting style of the other Tekken characters, just like Mokujin and Tetsujin (and Combot). There are some differences with the mimicry between them, however:

  • Mokujin and Tetsujin have to be tagged out and in again in order to mimic a different fighting style. Unknown can do that as well, but additionally, she can mimic a different fighting style by pressing R3 (the right analog stick) while playing as her. The new style she will mimic is chosen at random.
  • Unknown is unable to mimic the fighting styles of some certain characters that Mokujin and Tetsujin are able to mimic, such as the fighting styles of Prototype Jack, Jack-2, and Gun Jack.
  • If Tetsujin or Mokujin is the character first tagged in a battle, the fighting style they mimic will be chosen at random, while Unknown will always start off by mimicing the fighting style of Jun Kazama. Similarly, while Tetsujin's and Mokujin's win animations are those of the character they last minced, Unknown's win animations will always be those of the character she previously minced apart from when she is swapped out, where she will have Jun's animations. Also she has Jun's win animation in Tekken Bowl mode.

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, she has Jun's moveset and unique, boss-style moves. She no longer has the wolf-spirit by her side, having killed it in the previous game.

In place of this is her ability to form large slime constructions from the floor to attack her opponents, commonly using spikes and, occasionally, fists. She also possesses a new attack which summons energy in a whirling formation. If her opponents are ensnared in this, she summons a giant slime hand to smack them into the floor which reduces all of their health to red and auto tags them out.

Character Relationships

  • An alternate/evil form of Jun Kazama (non-canon).



  • While Unknown has the Devil Gene tattoo on her right arm, it is still unknown and unconfirmed so far if she actually carries the devil gene or not.
  • Unknown has so far only appeared in the two non-canon installments in the entire series.
  • Unknown is the first female final boss character in the series (although, in Tekken 2, if the player plays as Devil, Angel is the final boss), later followed by Devil Kazumi in Tekken 7.
  • The Wolf Spirit may not be in full control of Unknown, as before the boss fight she can be seen covering her face in apparent pain or confusion before entering her fighting stance, as if she is fighting or resisting the Spirit. Interestingly, however, the Spirit performs the actions with her.
  • The slime-like substance covering Unknown could be seen as a manifestation of the Wolf Spirit, as the Spirit has no lower body up to the point which the slime covers on Unknown (feet to waist, and hands). Furthermore, this slime could be the way in which he controls Unknown, only partially controlling her as she is only "half-covered". Also, Unknown's ending shows The Wolf Spirit gaining legs (the covered part of Unknown) by absorbing Unknown, implying further that the slime has some connection to the Spirit. Although in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the wolf spirit is absent and yet she still has the slime.
    • For the first time, she is seen without slime and completely nude after Angel purifies her in her TTT2 ending.
  • Unknown and Mokujin (female counterpart) are currently the only female mimic characters introduced in the series.
  • Soul Calibur V character Z.W.E.I. has a wolf-like spirit in his possession, E.I.N., who looks similar to that of Unknown.

Tekken Tag Tournament:

  • Unknown's voice is a distorted version of Angel's.
  • Depicted in her ending, it shows that Unknown's real eye color is apparently green, but have turned yellow since being possessed by the Wolf Spirit.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • Unknown's voice is now a distorted version of Jun's, given that she is seemingly Jun's evil alter-ego in the said game, though the game is non-canon.
  • Unknown is the only character (along with Tiger Jackson) who cannot be customized to wear clothing or have her hairstyle altered as there are no items for her to purchase or obtain.
  • If defeated by Unknown in Arcade mode, a special continue screen will be seen:
    • As the countdown goes down, Unknown can be seen approaching the player (from first-person perspective). The view isn't clear, as she appears to be blurry. As she kneels down towards the player, the slime-like substance covering her skin starts to shift as she tilts her head (seemingly in curiosity). After the countdown ends, she gets close enough for herself to be clearly seen, and reaches out her hand toward the screen. The screen then fades to black.



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