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"The demons in hell work hard, but I work harder!!!"

    -An Admin who is the bomb dot com (me ofc)

Hey Yo

anna is babey

"I'M NUMBER ONE! I'M NUMBER ONE!" - Craig Marduk, Tekken 5

This is my wiki (and the other admins too, love you guys) and I love her alot so please do not take the liberty to do important tasks such as changing/altering page formatting without consulting an admin with your proposals regarding change.  

Vandalize my wiki and I will be on your ass like flies on cow crap.

Some of my Personal Opinions/Thoughts

  • Tekken 7 is poo poo but the soundtrack can get it
  • TTT 2 is the best Tekken game dont @ me (Tekken 6 is close tho)
  • Tekken Tag Soundtrack SnAPPED
  • Lili, Leo, Alisa and Lucky Chloe are my mains
  • Leo is my child and if you misgender them, i'll take your limbs dfghjghj

I have loved tekken since i was six and the series still means so much to me. Even though I think Harada didnt give Tekken 7 the love and effort it deserved, I still love the series. I took a break from the wiki but now I HAVE RETURNED!! Feel free to come to me for any questions and suggestions. 

ALSO the comment section stays off until yall learn how to act. that or we will turn them back on in the distant future with moderation at some point.

EDIT: Never gonna happened actually lmao

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