I ever seen Katarina Alves is a newbie in Tekken 7 and is the first female character to use Savate. But in the Street Fighter series, Remy is also the first male character to use this fighting style since his appearance in Street Fighter: 3rd Strike.

What's the differences between both characters in the two respective games? Simple, both characters have similar stance and their special attacks are more focused on kicks.

1. Remy's special attacks are focused on kicks while Katarina's special attacks are also kicks but one of her combos are more focus on punches but hitting with a knee as a last blow.

2. Katarina's personality as mentioned as a sassy mouthed and a vocal talker but being rude as shown in her pre-quotes and her win animations while Remy's personality can be calm and composed but is cruel and hostile to anyone else.

3. Remy's Super Arts are just like Charlie's Super Arts in the crossovers. But his third Super Art the Blue Nocturne, he can unleashes in both two kicks and punches and another two kicks but ends with a Rising Rage Flash. In Katarina's Rage Art, she can kick repeatedly to her opponent with her left kick and knocks with a somersault and a flying heavy kick. In her case, she also bears a striking resemblance to both Remy's special attacks in her Rage Art which is both Rising Rage Flash and Cold Blue Kick move but her version of Remy's Cold Blue Kick is kicking her opponent with her left kick.

4. Both of their nationalities are different which Katarina is a Brazilian while Remy is French.

5. Lastly is their voices, since in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, they are now speaking with their native language. Katarina is speaking Portuguese while Remy is speaking French although in his first and only appearance in Street Fighter III, he speaks Japanese instead of his native language.

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