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Violet Systems (ヴァイオレット システムズ?) is a robotics company, first appearing in Tekken 4, founded and run by Lee Chaolan in his public persona as Violet.

The company focusses on building state of the art androids, and it is Lee's vision that robots will one day serve humanity and help humans out with everyday chores, making the world a better place.[1] At present, most of the robots Violet Systems make, however, appear to be Combots built for fighting, although they do have other recreational uses as well.[2] The company is based out of The Bahamas and also has at least one research facility in Brazil, and others likely in Tokyo. The company has considerable wealth, as shown by its ability to fund massive external projects, detonate its own facilities without financial concern, and its numerous assets, such as spy satellites and helicopters.


Lee entered the Fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament in order to show off a new model of Combot that Violet Systems had built, hoping to launch his company onto the world stage with a martial demonstration of his robot's success. Canonically, Lee was defeated by Kazuya before he got to show off Combot. Non-canonically, Lee is shown fighting his Combot, and after some initial problems with the robot's stability, its martial ability is successfully demonstrated.

Violet Systems became a business stock partner with G Corporation, after Lee bought shares in G-Corporation. Lee hacked into G-Corp and discovered that Heihachi and the Mishima Zaibatsu were interested in research happening there and had raided their laboratories. Lee bought shares in the company whilst Kazuya was still a secret research project being conducted by the company. It is known that once Kazuya took over G-Corporation as CEO, Lee stayed in close contact with Julia Chang, a G-Corp researcher, who passed Lee and Violet Systems information on G-Corporation. She was broken out of G-Corp after she was captured spying against them and remains acquaintance of Violet Systems. Lee asked Lars to break her out, and subsequently felt indebted to his half-brother, agreeing to fix Alisa for him when she was later broken, and marking the beginning of a closer working relationship between Yggdrasil and Violet Systems. Lee used his shareholder status in order to investigate G Corporation and in order to get preferential treatment at the sixth Iron Fist Tournament so that he could get close to Kazuya.

A Violet Systems building being used by Yggdrasil in TK7.

Violet Systems has been funding Lars's rebel army, Yggdrasil, since they first rebelled against the Mishima Zaibatsu and Tekken Force. Lee provided them with facilities in Northern Europe where they initially consolidated power. Violet Systems also provides a number of facilities to serve as a secret hideouts for Lars and Yggdrasil. In the events of Tekken 7, Violet Systems is revealed to have a medical facility within the robotics company itself where Jin is recovering from his coma, following Azazel's defeat. At one point, Lee detonates a Violet Systems building after leading Tekken Force into a trap there. The company also possesses at least one spy satellite, from which Lee, Lars, Alisa, and the journalist were able to see the final showdown between Kazuya and Heihachi at the volcanic pit. Lee is an accomplished robotics engineer within his own company, as shown when he personally repairs Alisa, a much more advanced android than those currently built by his corporation.

Violet Systems also features as a stage in Scenario Campaign mode in Tekken 6.

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the Fight Lab mini game takes place in Violet Systems. Players can learn how to play the game here, mimicking the in-story purpose of the lab as a place for testing combots. An ending movie on completing the Fight Lab (which is also Violet's ending movie) shows Lee and the completed Super Combot DX being used against Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin.

Violet Systems is also a stage in Tekken 7 and featured in its story mode. The stage shows a large fusion generator and advanced robotics equipment.

Research & Projects

See Violet Systems Research Projects

Violet Systems specialises in robotics. It has a number of laboratories and buildings in countries accross the globe. They have hi-tech medical labs, as well as advanced robotics labs, and their own military grade equipment. Their combots are capable of acting as both security guards and soldiers, and the corporation also has a number of helicopters and other assets.

  • Combot - created by Violet Systems; work as bodyguards
  • Super Combot DX - upgraded model; work as bodyguards
  • Combot II[3] - created by Violet Systems
  • Android Security - created by Violet Systems; work as security. (Tekken 6)
  • Spy satellites - created by Violet Systems


Violet, alias of Lee Chaolan and CEO of Violet Systems

  • Lee Chaolan/Violet - founder and CEO; also works as a roboticist
  • Lee's Secretary - secretary
  • Julia Chang - an acquaintance turned spy for Violet Systems, who originally worked for G Corporation. Violet Systems also funded some of her research.
  • The "Violet Girls" - cheerleaders/mascots in TTT2. Artwork of the Violet Girls appears in Fight Lab, and they are also mentioned by Lee during Fight Lab mode.


  • Yggdrasil - sponsored allied force led by Lars. They use Violet Systems' facilities as their bases.
    • Lars Alexandersson - acquaintance and ally, Violet Systems bankrolls his private army.
    • Alisa Bosconovitch - formerly belonged to Zaibatsu, she was entrusted by Lars to Lee, who repaired her in a Violet Systems laboratory in Tekken 7.
  • G Corporation - Violet Systems bought shares in G Corporation, and was also spying on them through Julia Chang. Lee requested for Julia to be broken out of G Corporation by Lars.
    • Kazuya Mishima - Lee's brother. Violet Systems opposes him and his quest for power. Violet Systems spied on his final battle with Heihachi.
  • Mishima Zaibatsu - Violet Systems opposes the Mishima Zaibatsu, and has been funding many defecters from their ranks.
    • Heihachi Mishima - Previous Zaibatsu CEO, now deceased. Violet Systems opposed him, and spied on his final battle with Kazuya.
    • Jin Kazama - Previous Zaibatsu CEO. Lee joined forces with his enemies during Tekken 6. Jin was treated in Violet Systems medical facility and harbored there in Tekken 7.
    • Tekken Force - Raided Violet Systems' facilities in Tekken 7.
  • The United Nations - Violet Systems buildings are being used to harbor Jin Kazama, making it likely that the UN now considers Violet Systems to be aiding and abetting Yggdrasil (TK7).
  • The Journalist - Harbored by Violet Systems.

Stages related to Violet Systems


  • The Violet Systems stage in Tekken 7 shows both human and mechanical specialists working in the robotics laboratory.
  • The logo has a resemblance to the logo of Valve Corporation's internet-based digital distribution and social networking platform Steam.[4]
  • The company and its attempt to program a new Combot model act as the setting for Tekken Tag Tournament 2's tutorial mode, Fight Lab.
  • According to Lee's scenario campaign dialogue he invested in the revitalisation of the city that holds the Electric Fountain and the Seahorse Grand Hotel, to help it grow and attract tourists.
  • Lee refers to the main Violet Systems building featured in Scenario Campaign as his "palace".
  • Heihachi seems surprised and irritable that Lee has managed to build up Violet Systems on his own, presumeably because he expected Lee to amount to nothing once he had exiled him from the Mishima Family for siding with Kazuya after Tekken 2.[5]
  • Kazuya seems annoyed that Lee has managed to build up such a successful corporation, remarking on visiting Violet Systems: "Damn you, Lee. You might think you've outflanked me, but I'll show you how wrong you are", indicating that their rivalry is ongoing despite the time that has passed.[6]
  • Violet Systems also has a number of androids working at it, including security guards that look very human (visible in Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign, as they spark when knocked unconscious). A number of characters remark that they are impressed by Violet Systems all-robot security.
    • Lee's secretary was confirmed to also be an android. She has a highly functional artificial intelligence but limited to no combat ability.[7]
  • As of Tekken 6, it is widely known that Lee Chaolan is the head of Violet Systems within the Tekken universe. Prior to this, the CEO was known publically only as 'Violet'.
  • Violet Systems may have its own fashion line called 'Violet'. In Tekken 7 Lee's watch in his primary outfit has the brand-name "Violet" on the face, and a silver label at the back of his Preset 1 outfit also says "Violet". He also has a customized "V" belt buckle in the same outfit.


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