Xin Yi Liu He Quan (心意六合拳; meaning "Heart, Intention and Six Harmonies Fist"), also spelled as Xinyi Liuhe Quan, is a branch of Xing Yi Quan developed in the Henan province of China, praticed and preserved by the Muslim community in Luoyang. Listed in Tekken Tag Tournament as the Japanese translation Shinirokugo-ken, Xin Yi Liu He Quan is one of the styles practiced by Julia Chang (as well as her alter ego) and Michelle Chang in combination with Baji Quan, as well as Wang Jinrei's exclusive fighting style.


Xin Yi Liu He Quan is considered one of the most powerful and fighting-oriented styles among other Chinese Martial Arts, and for a long time it has been known as "the most cruel of Chinese martial arts". It focuses on short, fast and powerful movements to neutralize the opponent. Xin Yi Liu He Quan is based on ten animal forms (Bear, Eagle, Snake, Tiger, Dragon, Chicken, Horse, Swallow, Goshawk, Monkey), which are organized into different routines.

The term "Liu He" means "Six Harmonies" and refers to the six harmonies of the body: three external harmonies and three internal harmonies combinations resulting in a total of six (Liu) combinations. Externally one should combine hands with feet, elbows with knees and shoulders with the joints of the hips, while internally one should integrate and combine heart (Xin) with intent (Yi), intent with energy (Qi) and energy with strength (Li). These combinations should be combined to deliver force to all parts of the body and all the way out to palms and feet.




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