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Yggdrasil (ユグドラシル Yugudorashiru?) is the name of Lars Alexandersson's rebel army. It was created prior to the events of Tekken 6 when Lars led a faction of Tekken Force in revolt against Jin Kazama's tyrannical leadership of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Yggdrasil directly opposes the Mishima Zaibatsu, but it is more broadly against the war in general, and considers G Corporation its enemy as well. One of Heihachi Mishima's bodyguards in Tekken 6 informs Heihachi that Lars's rebel army consists of around 30,000 soldiers.[2] According to Lars, when Yggdrasil seceded from Tekken Force, over half of Tekken Force's members left to fom the rebel army,[3] making it a massive coup that devastated the Zaibatsu's armed forces.



Yggdrasil’s origins are in the Mishima Zaibatsu and its Tekken Force. Prior the events of Tekken 6, a Tekken Force Captain, Lars Alexandersson, was angered by Jin Kazama’s leadership of Zaibatsu and his warmongering. Apparently a popular and charismatic leader, Lars and around half of Tekken Force (about 30,000 troops) defected to form the rebel army, Yggdrasil. Their primary mission was to bring an end to Jin Kazama's global war. They took the emblem of a lion and used a red and black color scheme to differentiate themselves from those Tekken Force who remained loyal to Jin. They initially set up a base in Northern Europe, where they were funded by an anonymous sponsor.[4] This sponsor was later revealed to be Lee Chaolan, who often invested money from his company, Violet Systems, into defectors and enemies of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Tekken 6

Scenario Campaign

Yggdrasil waiting to attack a Tekken Force compound in Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign.

Tekken 6 begins with a raid conducted by Yggdrasil on a secret laboratory owned by the Mishima Zaibatsu. During the raid however, a third faction entered the scene, a squadron of JACKs sent by the Zaibatsu's corporate rival, G Corporation. Not expecting to deal with this additional level of force, Yggdrasil engaged in a fierce fight that eventually resulted in the detonation of a JACK. As a result of the explosion, their leader, Lars, suffered amnesia, setting back the operations of the rebel army.

Whilst Lars was regaining his memories with the help of a Zaibatsu-built android, Alisa Bosconovitch, Tougou was left in charge of organizing Yggdrasil. Tougou had contacts that helped Yggdrasil’s early establishment, for example receiving information from United Nations agent, Raven. Once Lars regained his memories, leadership was passed back to him. Yggdrasil was involved in raiding G-Corp to free Julia Chang, at Lee Chaolan’s behest, and also worked with Lei Wulong and Interpol against G-Corp as well. One of the largest Yggdrasil raids was on a Tekken Force compound, where a full scale firefight took place between the two armies, and may also have involved a co-ordinated attack with G Corporation on the compound.[5] Another large raid was on G Corporation headquarters, Millennium Tower. During this raid, Tougou was killed by G Corp soldiers.

Yggdrasil pursued Jin to the Middle East with the help of intelligence from Raven. Lars was involved in confronting Azazel and Jin. Raven and the UN then recovered Jin’s body from the desert.

Tekken 7

Yggdrasil soldiers relocated at a second Violet Systems building.

After Jin escaped from the UN helicopter, Lars rescued him from UN soldiers and Jin was taken into Yggdrasil custody. Yggdrasil’s power at this stage was sufficient enough that the Mishima Zaibatsu chose not pursue Lars when they heard he had captured Jin, despite also wanting to get hold of Jin. Capturing Jin in this way also placed Yggdrasil in opposition to the UN and their former ally, Raven. Yggdrasil used a facility provided by Lee Chaolan as their base of operations. Lee described himself as a sponsor of defectors from the Mishima Zaibatsu. Jin was taken to this facility and guarded by Lars and Yggdrasil soldiers, whilst he was unconscious. Yggdrasil’s base was subsequently attacked by Tekken Force under Heihachi Mishima's orders, who had taken over the corporation in Jin's absence. Tekken Force, led by Nina Williams intended to capture Jin and take him back to the Zaibatsu. Yggdrasil fought Tekken Force, but were ordered to evacuate the facility. Lee then detonated the building with Tekken Force and Nina still inside, although Nina survived.

Yggdrasil relocated to another Violet Systems building, where Lars revealed that his intention in sheltering Jin was to use him to put an end to the war. The Mishima Zaibatsu broadcasted footage of Kazuya Mishima’s battle in his devil form against Akuma at G Corp. Helipad, and then fired an orbital laser satellite to supposedly eliminate them. A surprised Lars ordered his troops to investigate the footage for confirmation on whether it was a hoax or not.

At this time, Yggdrasil were also harbouring a journalist who was researching the history of the Mishima Clan in order to understand the origins of the war that had claimed his family. After Kazuya destroyed the Zaibatsu’s orbital satellite, public opinion turned against the Zaibatsu once more, causing a desperate Heihachi to instead turn to the journalist so that he could reveal the truth of the Mishima Clan's past on his own terms. It was revealed that Heihachi knew of the journalist's alliance with Yggdrasil, since he called Lars to pick the journalist up once he was done with him. Heihachi then went on to settle his score with Kazuya for a final time in a volcanic crater. Lars, Alisa, the journalist, Lee, and Yggdrasil forces watched the fight via a Violet Systems' spy satellite.

With Heihachi finally dead at the hands of Kazuya, G Corporation seems intent on continuing the war. Lars's plan is to use Jin against Kazuya, a task Jin seems ready to take on now that he has awakened from his coma.

Pachislot 4

It is unknown whether the events of Pachislot 4 are canon, however, the story is set during the events of Tekken 7. Yggdrasil collected information on the Mishima Zaibatsu and went in search of Heihachi Mishima, possibly in the wake of the Mishima Zaibatsu's orbital laser satellite being downed and the supposed announcement of Heihachi's death by news bulletins. With the help of Yggdrasil member, Olivia, and Lee Chaolan, Lars and Alisa discovered Heihachi was alive and raided the Zaibatsu in order to gain information on his whereabouts.


The name Yggdrasil does not feature widely in the Tekken series, although it is mentioned in a few places. Its most notable mention is in the Pachislot 4 game, where it is used to refer to Lars's plotline. In the game, his rebel army is trying to put an end to the war and infiltrate the Mishima Zaibatsu.[6] The name can also be found in PSP version of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, where it is mentioned in Lars's epilogue that "Thanks to the support of a mysterious investor, Lars was able to found a private military company dubbed 'Yggdrasil' in Northern Europe as a place of stay for his rebel army".[7] The mysterious investor is Lee Chaolan, who was revealed in Tekken 7 to be a major sponsor of Yggdrasil and provided them at least two bases of operation. It is also mentioned in Alisa's PSP ending text, where it is stated that "While under Lars' care, Alisa had since begun working at his private military company Yggdrasil. Alisa had been assigned the task of protecting VIPs, and on her first mission, she took fire from an armored helicopter".[8]

The name Yggdrasil itself comes from Norse Mythology and refers to the world tree. The rebel army's name thus reflects the Scandinavian roots of its leader.


Yggdrasil soldiers with their logo now printed onto their armor in Lars's TTT2 ending.

The rebel soldiers under Lars's command all have lion motifs on their armor with a color scheme of red and black. Initially, these are sprayed on to Tekken Force armor, but later these are replaced with more permanent symbols of their rebellion. Yggdrasil armor looks very similar to Tekken Force armor, as they are Tekken Force defectors. The most noticeable distinction between the two are the bright red shoulder pads used by Ygggdrasil.



Lars's Captain's Insignia

Yggdrasil is divided into divisions, likely left over from the way they used to operate in Tekken Force. The divisions are named after a version of the phonetic alphabet. The known divisions are Alpha, Delta, Echo, Fox, Omega, and Romeo. Within these divisions are smaller squads identified by number. Lars for example is Alpha Leader, and under him are squads headed by Alpha One and Alpha Two.

Lars's rank is 'Captain' of Yggdrasil, whilst Tougou is his 'Lieutenant'. Yggdrasil appear to have insignia for each of their ranks. The insignia carry the lion emblem of the rebel army, along with a star rank on them.

Known Members

  • Lars Alexandersson - Captain (Callsign: Alpha Leader)
  • Tougou - Former Lieutenant (second-in-command) (Callsign: Romeo Leader) (now deceased)
  • Omega Leader - a division leader, unnamed but has a speaking role in Scenario Campaign
  • Alpha One & Alpha Two - Squad leaders with speaking roles in Scenario Campaign, who are directly under Lars' command.
  • Alisa Bosconovitch - Often accompanies Lars on missions, specializes in reconnaissance.
  • Olivia - Likely a pilot for the rebel army (possibly non-canon).
  • Ex-Tekken Force members - Around 30,000 soldiers who defected from Tekken Force with Lars. They can be seen in various cinematics fighting for Lars's cause.


  • Lee Chaolan - A sponsor of Yggdrasil and the CEO of Violet Systems. He supplies the funds to run Yggdrasil, including providing facilities, bases and information. He also accompanies them on some missions and seems to have some authority within the organization itself.
  • Raven - An ally of Yggdrasil who aided Tougou with information (TK6); they are now at odds since Yggdrasil worked against him to recover Jin Kazama (TK7).
  • Lei Wulong - Works with Lars and Yggdrasil
  • Julia Chang - Was rescued by Yggdrasil
  • Jin Kazama - Currently a ward of Yggdrasil. He was rescued by them and held in a medical facility. As of the end of TK7 he is co-operating with them.

Corporate Relations

  • Mishima Zaibatsu & Tekken Force - Their main enemies. Yggdrasil seceded from Tekken Force. And are called "traitors" by them.
  • G Corporation - Yggdrasil also oppose G Corporation. They were attacked by them whilst raiding the Mishima Zaibatsu, and later Yggdrasil led a raid on G-Corp HQ.
  • The Resistance - Both are rebels fighting the Zaibatsu, but Lars and Alisa attacked them whilst Lars was amnesiac, causing the groups to work against each other.
  • Violet Systems - Yggdrasil initially turn down an alliance with Violet Systems (TK6), but the company is later revealed to be bankrolling Yggdrasil and becomes an open patron to them (TK7). Violet Systems provides Yggrasil with their infrastructure and intelligence.
  • The United Nations - UN agent Raven initially worked with Yggdrasil (TK6). They later become enemies when Yggdrasil fights off UN agents to abduct Jin Kazama from them (TK7).


  • Yggdrasil's lion emblem was originally their logo when they were a part of Tekken Force, but they seem to have kept the logo and made it their own.
    • It is possible that this could indicate that they see themselves as staying true to the original code of Tekken Force, from which Jin's Tekken Force have deviated by committing attrocities for him during Tekken 6. The deviation of Tekken Force from a code is mentioned by Heihachi Mishima when he comes across them in his Scenario Campaign dialogues.
  • According to Katsuhiro Harada, the 30,000+ troops that joined Lars in his rebellion were made up of people from battalions from all over the world, originating from several different countries. He was deeply loved by these comrades, who followed him for his immense prowess and charisma.[9]


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