Yoshimitsu is the only character who's appearance drastically changes in every Tekken game, taking advantage of the fact that he always conceals his identity on account of being a ninja. Even his sword, also named Yoshimitsu, tends to change appearance. One of the running themes of many of Yoshimitsu's outfits involves the appearance of the "Void" kanji.


Player 1 outfit:

Yoshimitsu wears white iron armor with a red trim and black boots and gloves. He also wears a Hannya mask to conceal his face and has long red hair, similar to Kunimitsu's, though his is possibly a wig to match the mask. He also wields his sword, Yoshimitsu, which in this appearance is a basic katana with a red hilt and a loose chain on the end of it.

He also has a sheath for his sword on the back of his waist, an item that wouldn't show up again until Tekken 6. To match his armor, it also has a silver color with red trim.

Player 2 outfit:

Yoshimitsu retains his Hannya mask from the primary outfit. The armor is similar to his first outfit, the only difference being his armor now has a blue trim. He also now has chainmail covering his hips, a helmet, heavy shoulder armor, and wields a generic rapier with a yellow handguard.

Tekken 2

Yoshimitsu now wears a mask that reveals more of his face than any other outfit before or after this game. He also gains a prosthetic left hand in this game, which doesn't actually get a unique model until Tekken 5.

Player 1 outfit:

Yoshimitsu wears silver iron armor with red trim as he did in the first game, though both the armor and trim are now a bit darker. He also wears green hakama pants tucked into his greaves, consistent design concept that would continue to be used for future outfits. He now wears a red eyed, white oni mask with beads and purple tassels on the sides, a dark brown sandogasa hat with the kanji for "void" on the top leaving some of his short, brown hair exposed, as well as his mouth and neck.

His sword Yoshimitsu now has a slightly thinner blade and a blue hilt, but overall retains the appearance of a standard katana. It lacks the loose chain on the end it had in the first Tekken.

Player 2 outfit:

Yoshimitsu's secondary outfit is not too dissimilar from the first game's, except with a gold trim. He now wears a full iron helmet and his oni mask has a large crest decoration on its forehead. The foot armor also now has boots with tips that slightly point upwards. His sword's blade is red and doesn't have a tsuba (handguard) in-game despite it having one in his CGI artwork. This design is another that would carry over to subsequent games.

The kanji for "void" can be found on his shoulder armor in this outfit.

Tekken 3

Yoshimitsu's outfits in this game set a new standard for the types of outfits he would come to be known for, as well as taking some of the outfit concepts introduced in Tekken 2 and incorporating them as a consistent character design. This appearance was also used in his crossover appearances.

Player 1 outfit:

Yoshimitsu now wears a full bodied grey armor with red parts designed to look like exposed muscle tissue, as well as back armor that resembles a spine. Discarding the masks from the first two games, he now wears a menacing helmet with the appearance of a skeletal demon. His gauntlets are black and his hakama tucked into his greaves from the second game returns, although it is now dark green with gold decorations. His CGI model in cutscenes and art for this game contains some slight revisions to the outfit, suggesting that the in-game model is a slightly earlier, less elaborate draft.

His sword Yoshimitsu becomes somewhat more curved and looks more like a tachi than a katana. It no longer has a handguard and glows with a green aura, indicating its now-apparent magical properties. The hilt is now a greyish blue color.

  • His main outfit is also worn by Dr. Bosconovitch as his second outfit, but without a helmet and in a gold and dark blue color scheme.

Player 2 outfit:

His secondary outfit in Tekken 2, but with some revisions. His armor is darker, bulkier and his waist is unarmored, exposing blue and gold clothing. His mask is now changed to one that looks like his primary outfit's and his helmet now has a red plume resembling a ponytail on the back. This appearance resembles a knight motif.

His sword appears exactly the same as it does in his primary outfit, albeit with a red aura.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Player 1 outfit:

A slightly revised version of his outfit in Tekken 3, in addition to a palette swap. Instead of the fully armored greaves that he wore in Tekken 3, his foot armor is changed to look more like a conventional shinobi socks-and-sandals attire with armor covering the top of his feet and plate armor on the front of his legs. His spine-like back armor was changed to something that appears more protective. His silver armor in the previous game is changed to a more off-white color, which adds more to the skeletal appearance of the outfit and his hakama was changed to blue. The sword loses its glow, and has a black hilt. It also appears slightly less curved than it was in Tekken 3, but still appears to be a tachi rather than a katana.

Player 2 outfit:

His second outfit from the previous game, though now with reddish armor instead of dark gray. His sword's aura and his helmet plume are both now changed to blue.

Player 3 outfit:

His primary outfit from the previous game, containing all of the revisions made to his palette swapped primary outfit in this game. This slightly changed version is the one that appears in Yoshimitsu's Tekken 3 CGI artwork, as well as his cutscene model. He also appears in certain crossovers with this outfit, such as Street Fighter X Tekken.

Player 4 outfit:

His second outfit from the previous game.

Tekken 4

Whereas Tekken 3 began to increase the level of how much Yoshimitsu's armor concealed his identity, this game was the precursor to some of the more outlandish outfits Yoshimitsu would come to wear.

Player 1 outfit:

Yoshimitsu is now clad in brownish-maroon armor with a kabuto helmet that appears to take inspiration from the real life rhinoceros beetle, with mechanical insectoid wings to match. Just like in Tekken 3, the armor protecting his back is spinal in appearance. His hand armor is a yellowish color, while the fingers are grey and foot armor is now molded around his toes in a way that matches the armor on his hands. His skull mask is white and has gold trim around the chin and jawline area, as well as glowing green eyes. The CGI artwork for Yoshimitsu in this outfit exposes his neck. He also sports the "void" kanji on the backpack that holds his suit's wings.

His sword retains the same appearance it had in his revised Tekken 3 outfit from Tekken Tag Tournament, although now slightly smaller and more curved.

Player 2 outfit:

Appearing to be a updated revision of his outfit from the first game, Yoshimitsu's secondary outfit also sports a black hakama more in line with what he wore in his primary outfits in the previous two games. His Hannya mask is now silver with less teeth, has glowing red eyes and the red hair is now significantly longer, giving his helmet a strong resemblance to a character from one of Namco's previous franchises, Taira No Kagekiyo of the Genpei Toma Den games. His armor has a large oni face on the back and he wears traditional samurai-esque socks-and-sandals footwear.

His sword lacks the glowing green aura it has in his primary outfit, being a basic tachi with no handguard.

The "void" kanji appears once again. This time, on the armor in front of his waist.

Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection

Player 1 outfit:

Yoshimitsu now wears a traditional golden samurai armor with glowing red pieces on surfaces just beneath the armor. His helmet shape seems to be based on the one he wore in Tekken 3, but has decorations on the back resembling long crab legs. The front has a see-through helmet visor with a three-eyed demon mask. Yoshimitsu wears red hakama with yellow designs on them, keeping in theme with his mostly traditional outfit.

  • His outfit in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is a palette swap, with the armor changed to red, the hakama changed to black, and the cloth on his arms changed to an off-white color.

His sword retains the glowing green aura, but its shape is changed back to a katana with the blade being as straight as it was in Tekken 2. The hilt is dark brown. In his CGI artwork and cutscenes, Yoshimitsu's sword bears a very strong resemblance to his Soul Calibur ancestor's version of it.

Player 2 outfit:

An outfit that closely resembles the one Yoshimitsu wore in Tekken 2. His sandogasa hat is significantly larger, partially destroyed and has ofuda talismans hanging from it. Like his Tekken 2 outfit, it also possesses the "void" kanji. He wears a skeletal mask with a large grin on its face, red glowing eyes and a hood/cape hybrid that covers whatever the mask doesn't. His body armor is silver with grey prayer beads wrapped around his chest and has knee guards designed to look like skulls, as well as dark green hakama. He also wears yellow straw sandals. And for the first time in the series, Yoshimitsu's prosthetic left hand has a unique model.

  • His secondary outfit in Tekken 5:Dark Resurrection is mostly identical, the only notable difference being a purple recoloration of the red scarf.

The sword has the same exact appearance it had in his second outfit from the previous game, but now has two rings hanging off the end of the hilt.

Player 3 outfit:

Designed by a guest artist, Yoshimitsu wears a blue body suit and mask that gives him the appearance of a demon warrior. He also dons prayer beads and a large, white loincloth that holds a wakizashi in the front. His sword is now a large, brown sabre-like weapon and he carries its decorated sheath on his arm.

Tekken 6/Bloodline Rebellion

Yoshimitsu gains a new sword, named Fumaken as his secondary weapon to counter the effects of the cursed power from his main weapon, Yoshimitsu. This addition also brings with it a considerable overhaul to Yoshimitsu's fighting style, as he uses the second sword in tandem with the primary one from this point on.

Player 1 outfit:

Yoshimitsu's armor in this game takes on a much bulkier appearance with a color scheme consisting of mainly red and silver. His helmet's mask is extremely similar to the mask worn in his second outfit from Tekken 3 and the back of the helmet itself resembles a traditional kabuto helmet. His prosthetic left hand once again has a unique model to distinguish it from the right hand and looks noticeably more mechanical in appearance. He now has a sheath for both of his swords, which actually serve a function gameplay wise from this point onwards.

His sword changes in appearance once again, this time returning to the appearance of a tachi with the blade being more curved again. It also has a red decoration on certain parts. The hilt is black. The second sword Fumaken is a smaller version of it.

The circular signs hanging from his shoulder armor possesses the "void" kanji.

  • In his ending, his eyes glow red when he touches Azazel's Orb, and his main weapon Yoshimitsu finally shows its cursed power, which glows in a purple haze.

Player 2 outfit:

Yoshimitsu appears to be dressed as a sokushinbutsu (self-mummified Buddhist monk) and wears a Heian period eboshi hat with a matching indigo kimono that he wears asymmetrically, his mechanical hand once again exposed and distinguished. Here, he wears a bronze skull mask similar to the one worn in his second outfit from Tekken 5. In addition, Yoshimitsu carries a Dharma wheel on his back that occasionally lights on fire and spins in battle. When Yoshimitsu sheathes his sword in this outfit, his sword becomes another spoke on the wheel. His hakama is red and tucked into greaves with rings on the knee guards that resemble his chest and gauntlet armor. The footwear in this outfit is traditional socks-and-sandals.

Yoshimitsu's sword in this outfit appears to be a Vajra sword with the blade being a beam of green energy. The second sword appears as a wakizashi with the blade being a beam of red energy.

Player 3 outfit: Yoshimitisu has a secret costume called the Cardboard Tube Samurai. It is an extra costume for Yoshimitsu, exclusive only to those who pre-ordered Tekken 6.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Player 1 outfit: (See Tekken 3 Player 1 outfit)

Swap Costume: Yoshimitsu's Swap Costume is based on M. Bison and he wears his signature red Shadaloo uniform similar to a trenchcoat, which later became Bison's current main outfit in Street Fighter V. His shoulder pads, gauntlets and boots are pale blue and he wears a golden Shadaloo mask, revealing his eyes to be glowing white. His sword glows blue while wearing the outfit.

Alternate Costume: For the first time, Yoshimitsu wears an outfit closest to the traditional depiction of a ninja than any of his other appearances. He wears black clothing, including trench coat and shinobi hakama. His mask is skeletal in appearance and matches the magenta color of his underclothing.

His sword looks like a basic katana and loses the green glow from the Player 1 outfit.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Yoshimitsu's appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is considerably more dialed back than in the previous two games.

Player 1 outfit:

Yoshimitsu now wears a red samurai-esque suit of armor with gold trim, purple thigh armor, green hakama and decorative greaves with gold outlines and spiked toe caps. He carries a wheel on his back just as in Tekken 6, although it's not a Dharma wheel. His helmet slightly resembles a kabuto, seemingly has no eyes to see out of and carries a scroll-like object in its mouth.

His sword, once again, is a tachi, but still looks very different from any of its previous designs. The sword also seems to have visibly suffered corruption. The second sword is a regular katana.

Player 2 outfit:

A pallette swap of his Player 1 outfit, his armor changes to tones of silver and gray, and his hakama become a purple color. The appearance of his sword is unchanged.

  • Yoshimitsu's armor can be taken off in this game to reveal a green and purple bodysuit. His face still cannot be seen, as it's hidden behind a helmet with a white visor.
  • His customizations are just like the previous one as it focuses on more of his traditional Japanese attires. He can also customized to resemble both of his Soul Calibur counterparts such as Yoshimitsu and Yoshimitsu II.
  • Much like the majority of male characters, Yoshimitsu's swimsuit DLC options are fundoshis with matching boots, available in white, black or red color schemes.

Tekken 7/Fated Retribution

Donning an attire with the motif of aquatic life, Yoshimitsu now returns to his more outlandish appearance theme.

Player 1 outfit: He wears a white and red squid-themed suit that has loose tentacles hanging off of his head and shoulders, as well as a tail. His hakama has bioluminescent properties, and his greaves are skeletal with the foot armor resembling that of a clawed beast, as well as his gauntlets. His mask is red with black eyes and two blue lights on the forehead. The thigh armor is gold.

His sword Yoshimitsu now appears to be a sleek ninjato, colored almost completely in black with blue futuristic decorations on the handguard and a dark red hilt. The second sword Fumaken looks exactly the same, only smaller.

Player 2 outfit: Yoshimitsu's secondary outfit is a drastic paleete swap of his Player 1 outfit; his main body is now scarlet red with light blue highlights, while his hakama become green with yellow and red patterning and the thigh armor silver. The appearance of his swords, however, are unchanged.

  • Yoshimitsu shares many customizations with the rest of the male characters in Tekken 7, as he did in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but also retains unique items from the previous games, such as varying designs of samurai armor. As well as these, he receives a full outfit exclusive to him: A humanoid great white shark, which also keeps in theme with Yoshimitsu's aquatic motif in this game.
  • His swimsuit DLC outfits consist of a fundoshi with wristwraps in a matching color.
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