Yue (ユエ?) is an Asian fighter who made her debut in Tekken (Mobile). She also appeared throughout Story Mode under her generic name as Martial Artist.






Tekken (Mobile)

Her story is unknown.


Yue was available in the game Tekken (Mobile) before the mobile app closed.

Her special moves are a blend between Leo Kliesen and Ling Xiaoyu due to her traditional fighting style. She is more focuses on punches, strikes, and elbows as her kicks are a little flexible which she nearly goes into a Phoenix Stance after kicking her opponent. Some other strikes and elbowing also resembles to that of Julia Chang's.

Fighting Style

She uses the traditional Chinese Martial Arts (中國武術 Zhōngguó wǔshù) as some of her moves are based on Bajiquan.


  • It is likely that she and three other fighters who made their debut in this game including Ruby, Isaak, and Tiger Miyagi, were meant to only be generic opponents.
  • Yue is used as a template for a generic opponent named "Martial Artist".
  • Yue resembles Leifang in the Dead or Alive series.
  • She reuses the old intro of Ling Xiaoyu.
  • Her win animation is one of Leo Kliesen's win animations as her face is showing no expressions and grunts. The other one is Ruby when she performs one of Jin's win animations without expressions and grunts.




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