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Zafina's Guru is a minor, unnamed, non-playable character. He is an old man that appears in Zafina's ending in Tekken 6.

He's the one who passed down Azazel's Temple to Zafina, so she can take his place as the next Temple Defender.



Zafina's Guru is elderly old man with wrinkles and a long white beard.


He is shown wearing a long headdress and white robe. He carries a staff likely due to his old age.


His only appearance is in Zafina's Tekken 6 ending. When he arrives at the temple and he finds Zafina exiting it. They exchange a long look and Zafina just nods before he mimics her gesture and then leaves. Zafina then returns to the temple, to seal Azazel's Orb.

Character Relationships

  • Zafina: The guru likely taught Zafina about Azazel's Temple and trusted her to be the next Temple Defender.
  • Azazel: The guru was previous Temple Defender before Zafina, and had the task of ensuring that Azazel remained unawakened.