List of quotes for Zafina.

Tekken 6

Intro Win
Leave now if you value your life! Don't say I didn't warn you.
This is a battle you won't walk away from! I must hurry.
I've warned you. Leave now, and you may live.
Death becomes you. Your will isn't strong enough to change fate.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Death becomes you.
I accept my fate, whatever it may be.
Only I have the power to change fate.

Tekken 7

Intro Win
Death becomes you. What did I just do?
Let's start this. This is your fate.
You posses the power to destroy the devil...! Calm down!
Your fate is already decided.
You wield the devil's power... I will destory you! (to Kazuya, Kazumi and Jin)
Rage Art
Fate cannot be changed.
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